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Open-Air-Radio (Leicester) is a community radio station dedicated to the memory of the still standing Open Air School in the UK.

by Glynn (Open Air Radio) in Leicester, England, United Kingdom

Open Air Radio

Open Air Radio (Leicester) was originally created for the former pupils and staff of Leicester’s Western Park Open Air School a special needs school located in the United Kingdom. The school first opened in 1930 and was closed in 2005 due to local authorities cutting their funding.

Currently, the site is lying idle and unused. Its only visitors are local vandals or the local residents who assist Mr. Glynn Finney (a proud former pupil and now Official Historian for the school site) in keeping it safe for future generations to enjoy.

Why am here

Glynn funds the Shoutcast online version of Open Air Radio from his own pocket for the entertainment of his friends who also once attended this prestigious school. The local community has been giving their widows mite to support his endless effort to save this Grade II Listed building from being lost forever.


Glynn dreams of Open Air Radio (Leicester) becoming a fully fuctional community radio station with its own:

  • Fully equipped studios
  • Outside broadcasting vehicle,
  • FM transmitter
  • Licence to transmit outside of Leicestershire

He also wants it to be 100% fully accessible to all members of the community to learn media and broadcasting skills in a safe and well-equipped setting. It will as well provide a community resource for local businesses and surrounding areas.

The station will also have the ability to bring disability into the fore-front of community life. Thus meaning it can fund community projects locally in memory of this former school. Glynn would like Open-Air-Radio (Leicester) to become self-funded as a not-for-profit Charity with trustees acquired from within the local community and the wider field as well as the disability world locally. That is why we are here.

What we need

We would be looking to acquire a fully accessible property within the immediate area of the former Open Air School site as well as a later date probably purchasing the former open air school from its owner at the time. 

Glynn estimates that as of 2016 this property would cost approximately £20 Million to purchase and restore to its original former glory  and in turn, turn it into a fully accessible base for this project.

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Other ways to help

Some people just can’t contribute financially, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help. So even if you love this idea but lack the resources to pledge to its success, there are some other ways you can use to ensure this.

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  • You are more popular and more important than you could ever know! Thanks for helping us get the word out.

Thank you so much

Thanks in advance for your attention and consideration. We need your help to achieve this goal and make it a reality! Your help and support are essential to make this goal come to reality!

We look forward to seeing a positive response from you soon.

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