Opelin - seaweed based skincare

by Ben Tustin in Guernsey, Channel Islands, United Kingdom


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We are offering one off pre-sales for our highly moisturising, seaweed based skincare products.

by Ben Tustin in Guernsey, Channel Islands, United Kingdom

We are raising funds via pre-sales of our products in order to finance the cost of equipment which we need to produce our natural skincare moisturisers at a sustainable level.  All of our products will deliver the maximum benefits of the natural vitamins and minerals in seaweed and will only be combined with traceable, sustainable ingredients.

We intend to grow our business to be a high quality, small batch producer creating unique blends from the natural beauty of the Channel Islands.


Bit of history

In early March 2020 Guernsey was about to go into lockdown due to the covid pandemic and it was impossible to obtain hand sanitiser on the island so we tied up with a local gin producer to create the first seaweed based hand sanitiser in the world.

After supplying over 6,000 litres of the hand sanitiser to the island’s residents through St John Ambulance we started receiving extremely positive feedback about the moisturising effect of the seaweed element (it only contained our seaweed gel and ethanol).  Nurses and healthcare workers were saying that our product repaired their sore, chapped hands and people were stopping us in the street to rave about how good it made their hands feel.  This was our inspiration to develop a range of seaweed based skincare products.



We only have six ingredients in our main moisturiser product and the reason for this is that we love simplicity.  Why add more if you have one of the best ingredients on the planet already?

We use the whole of the seaweed to create our base seaweed gel product and this is very different from most other producers who tend to use seaweed extracts that are industrially produced.  We believe in keeping the product as close to the natural form as possible.


We started out as seaweed farmers and we love everything to do with the sea which is why we look after it.  

  • All of our seaweed is sustainably harvested in order to encourage rapid regrowth 
  • All of our ingredients are obtained from sustainable, traceable sources
  • All of our packaging is either from recycled material, is recyclable, or both


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£40 or more

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First batch moisturiser

The moment we receive regulatory approval we will produce the first batch of daily facial moisturiser and you will receive a 50ml bottle of this unique product before it hits the shops. The retail price will be £60 per bottle.

£10 or more

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A kiss

You will receive a personal kiss from the founder if you want it, if not then you will receive a sample size of the first batch moisturiser that we produce

£20 or more

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Sample products

You will receive samples of the daily facial moisturiser and seaweed serum from the first batch we produce.

£60 or more

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First batch serum

You will receive a 50ml bottle of our Seaweed Serum the moment we have regulatory approval, and before it hits the shops. The retail price will be £90.

£90 or more

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First batch combo

You will receive a 50ml bottle of daily facial moisturiser + a 50ml bottle of Seaweed Serum, both from our first full production run and before they hit the shops. The retail price will be £150.

£300 or more

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Full on experience

You will receive 2 bottles of moisturiser and 2 bottles of serum before it hits the shops, you will also receive a tour of the beaches of Guernsey with one of the worlds leading experts in seaweed use

£450 or more

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Immersion special

For 2 people: 2 bottles of moisturiser + 2 bottles of serum + a personal tour of the seaweed beaches of Guernsey + a personal tour of the seaweed laboratory. This reward will never be available again outside of crowdfunder

£600 or more

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One year supply!

A years supply of moisturiser and serum! That is a bottle of moisturiser once a month and a bottle of serum once a quarter for 12 months. The retail price will be £1,080!

£1,000 or more

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Couples Reward

One years supply of moisturiser and serum (24 x moisturiser + 8 x serum) + a personal tour of the beaches of Guernsey + personal tour of the seaweed lab

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