Onyi Gifts: Impactful, Luxury, Sustainable Gifting

by Janet Onyia in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom


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We're aiming to successfully launch Onyi Gifts: impactful, luxury & sustainable gifting. We back independent brands and women entrepreneurs.

by Janet Onyia in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

At Onyi Gifts we don't just want to help you give gifts, we want to make gifting for yourself and your loved ones a lasting, impactful experience. Our gifting experience showcases items from incredible, independent female-led businesses, sprinkled with empowerment. Suitable for you to treat yourself, a loved one or even for employee gifting. 

In building Onyi Gifts, we've taken meticulous steps to make sure that we're providing a gifting experience that leaves a lasting impression. From the attention to detail throughout the box, down to the quality products within. 

We'll share initial images of Onyi Gifts throughout this page, including a selection of our usual offering as well as some special offers just for this crowdfunder. If you fancy a different reward, our gift card reward will be perfect for you as we'll have a wider product range on our website (opening once we hit a milestone here).




The Story behind Onyi Gifts

I'm Janet, a mum of 2 based near Edinburgh and I've always loved creating thoughtful gifts for friends and family, because the joy they get from it always gives me a buzz! 1601764598_about_us_-_story_of_onyi_gifts_(1).jpgCentral to putting these gifts together has been a focus on ensuring the packaging could be useful/reused in some way.* Aside from sustainability, another area I'm passionate about is inclusion and equality. Specifically championing female entrepreneurship in order to help close the gender business gap. *I once created a hamper for a family member's housewarming gift and the basket for the hamper was a washing up bowl, lined/filled with dish clothes and it had household items in it! Not conventional but it did the job :).

Positive Impact - Backing Female Entrepreneurs 

Our specially curated gift items are sourced namely from independent businesses owned/led by women such Flickerwick, Mille Saisons and Lather & Smudge. Why the focus on female led businesses? Because although women in the UK outnumber men, only 1 in 5 businesses in the UK is run by a woman. There are various barriers facing women in business and at Onyi Gifts we're determined to do our part to close the gap. There will be one or two products by male-led businesses too as we recognise that male allies are key to closing the gender business gap. 


How Onyi Gifts Works

Our website www.onyi.gifts (don't you love our domain?) is being launched during this campaign, when we hit a certain achievement. On there you can; 

1. Select a range of our pre-built gift boxes

2. Build your own package by choosing products curated and sourced from carefully selected independent businesses who share the same values we do. 

3. Create a bespoke gift box for you or your loved one by providing us with your specifications and letting us do the rest. 

Fancy an Onyi giftbox for your employees? We also cater for employee gifting. Just select the employee gifting reward and we'll take it from there. You can also contact us at info@onyi.gifts to discuss this further.


Sustainability & the Circular Economy

Our gift packages won’t cost the earth – literally. Sustainability is one of our key values and that aligns with the suppliers we choose to work with. It also covers the packaging we use and even our branding. On the latter, we've kept it light, but classy so that you can reuse the giftbox or re-gift it. Don't think of it as 'lots of packaging or filler', more as a a keepsake or something that will take your own gifting to the next level. 





What we've done so far

  • Validated the idea using a survey, completed by 150+ which gave us great insights into whether there's a place for Onyi Gifts in the market, the products people would like to see and potential price points. 


  • We've created prototypes of our giftboxes, ribbons and other packaging and have purchased a number of different products to create sample giftboxes. 
  • We've held discovery calls with our initial suppliers - not only are we going to buy their products, but we also want to buy in to who they are as an entrepreneur, their story and their values. All these feed into their brand and assures us that we are getting the best products for your giftboxes.


Why this crowdfunding campaign?


Your Rewards

When you make a pledge to support Onyi Gifts, you can choose from our range of gifts. Delivery's included in all rewards that need to be sent out. By supporting us, you, your loved ones and your colleagues can be among the first to get their hands on an Onyi Gift package. Treat yourself or get your shopping in early (for the Festive celebration we dare not mention as it's too early...is it too early?). We also cover corporate and employee gifting. Feel free to share this campaign with Marketing Maggie/Mark who normally organises the office party for the aforementioned celebration and let them know they can also arrange for everyone to be sent Onyi Giftboxes.

If you made it this far, thank you for reading and don't forget to share this campaign among your network. 

Thank you, 



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£50 or more

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£60 Giftcard for use on www.onyi.gifts

You'll receive a gift card up to the value of £60 to build your own box(es) on our website, or use our bespoke gifting service. This is for when you want to put an even more personal gifting experience for yourself or a loved one. You provide us with specifications, we source and deliver.

£10 or more

£10 Reward - Social Media Shout out

A great big 'Thank You' shout out across our social media platforms. These shout-outs will run throughout the campaign.

£15 or more

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Ultimate Stainless Steel Ice Cubes/drinks stones

Drinks can be chilled without diluting them with this stylish yet practical set of 6 polished stainless steel ice cubes/drinks stones. Simply rinse and store in the freezer after use - complete with a storage pouch and tongs. The height of sophistication!

£20 or more

Onyi Gifts Founding Backers Wall - Website

With this pledge, your name (if you wish) will be added to our website as a Founding Backer.

£20 or more

Personalised Notebook/Journal with free gift box

You'll get a Multi-purpose notebook or journal - compact but mighty! A5, smooth faux suede hardcover with a luxuriously soft inner. With a ring binder, card slots and penholder, this notebook makes a truly wonderful gift. Write down goals, journal experiences and plan for the future. Personalisation (up to 3 initials) and a free Onyi gift box to keep or re-gift. We'll get in touch with you to get details of the initials you'd like.

£20 or more

8 of 20 claimed

£25 Giftcard for use on www.onyi.gifts

You'll receive a gift card up to the value of £25 to build your own box(es) on our website, or use our bespoke gifting service. This is great for adding a more personal touch to the gifting experience for yourself or a loved one. You provide us with specifications, we source and deliver.

£30 or more

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Flickerwick Candle Luxe - Home Indulgence

100% natural vegan soy candle with a wooden wick, with fragrance you can smell from the next room. Complemented by an accessories set of a wick trimmer and snuffer, with a giftbox. Includes delivery.

£35 or more

1 of 20 claimed

Porter's Gin x Holdsworth Chocolates

Featuring 2x5cl bottles of the high quality and cold-distilled Porter's gin with natural botanicals (Modern Classic or Old Tropical). Accompanying the gin is a box of Holdsworth chocolates and some gin/whisky/drinks stones (reusable ice cubes). You can select vegan chocolates using the options provided.

£35 or more

2 of 15 claimed

Mille Saisons Silk Eyemask and scrunchie set

Dreamy, super soft and luxurious silk accessories. Eye mask and scrunchie.

£40 or more

0 of 50 claimed

Wholesome Body Beauty Box - Suitable for Vegans

1. Natural opal stone facial roller 2. Artisanal soap handmade in Scotland the traditional way. All natural ingredients which are kind to skin, vegan and environment-friendly packagin 3. Shea Gloss - a perfect blend of essential oils, vitamins and organic shea butter to give you nourishing lip conditioner with the irresistible shine of your favourite lip gloss 4. Deia Beauty body butter - hand-whipped luxurious blend of shea and cocoa butter

£45 or more

0 of 8 claimed

Mille Saisons Mulberry Silk Dreams

Dreamy, super soft and luxurious grade A Mulberry silk accessories. Eye mask, scrunchie & multi-use ribbon. Colours available are pink, burgundy and black. Contact us on info@onyi.gifts if you're interested in a different colour.

£60 or more

1 of 10 claimed

Celebration Box - Champagne and Chocolate

It's a celebration! This limited edition box won't be featured on our website (unless you want it to) but we want to mark this occasion. Choose from the selection of champagne and we'll add delectable Holdsworth Chocolates, all lavishly giftwrapped in a reuseable Onyi giftbox and finished off with our signature ribbon. Let us know using the options if you would like vegan chocolates.

£300 or more

Employee Gifting For the Festive Period & Beyond

You may not be able to gather for parties or a meal, but an Onyi Gift package is sure to show your employees just how much you appreciate them. A simple yet impactful way of employee gifting for this festive period covering sustainability and responsible procurement by actively supporting several female led independent and a Black-owned businesses. This reward assumes a budget of £30 per head, we'll contact you to get more details of numbers.

£85 or more

5 of 5 claimed

£100 Giftcard for use on www.onyi.gifts

You'll receive a gift card up to the value of £100 to build your own box(es) on our website, or use our bespoke gifting service. This is for when you want to put an even more personal gifting experience for yourself or a loved one, or you fancy something different from our curated list of products. You provide us with specifications, we source and deliver.

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