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To provide a functional alternative to the car - that's beneficial to personal finances, health, and the world around you.

by Jay @ OnYa-Bike in Newquay, England, United Kingdom

I enjoy my job greatly... and the drive to and from work each morning provides a real sense of gratitude for what I do, and the environment I do it in.  It's an Eco-driven business, and they like to share, promote and encourage ways we can all improve together.  We save energy, we recycle... we also car-share.  

Despite this, the car park is still often crammed, and some times we have to park in the nearby village.
The car is simply a mode of transport we are all most comfortable with.
It keeps you dry on wet days... warm on cold days... allows you to carry all kinds of crap with you which you probably don't need (but you feel is still nice to have 'just in case')… it just offers you the ideal mix of comfort and flexibility.

But I have felt the cost of motoring most significantly this year, and the benefits it once gave no longer apply.  I find myself able to do without... but the big hills and distance in between makes walking too much of a stretch that I know is impossible to stick to.

The advancements in Pedal 'assisted' technology means that now even someone like myself (who does no sports or physical conditioning) 'can' commute long distances with relative ease and comfort.  In doing so... the environment (and appreciation of) suddenly becomes a more immediate and focussed presence. 

I've made the commute daily now for nearly 6 months... yet hadn't really 'noticed' the splendid winding vista till I was out in the open and breathing in that very air I rode through. Depending on terrain... the latest Electric Bikes can now manage up to 60 miles on a single charge !
The fact that at NO POINT am I required to be out of breath or sweaty... makes the Electric Power-Assist Cycle a real game-changer... and moreover, an 'enjoyable' experience.

My vision is to actively support and promote that benefit we have such a low-cost and easy access to.
The initial outlay is what kills enthusiasm the most, so I'd like to set up a project that takes care of that so we can all skip to the good part. 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£15 or more


If you just wish to pop to the shops, take a whistle-stop-tour of the town, or enjoy a ride to your favourite sea-view retreat for a spot of lunch or a cream-tea... this is the ticket !

£30 or more


Take a ride on a tour of the town... enjoying the views, the calmer sense of freedom, and the healthier feeling of working those lungs a little whilst filling them with fresh clean air.

£35 or more


If you've got a longer journey, or are required to do a lot of things in your day and wish to command your own pace instead of being sat in traffic or having to compete for parking... then this is the Ticket !

£120 or more


If like me, you want to quit pouring your hard-earned through the pump and into the air... this is the Ticket !