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Raising money for an apprenticeship with a sculptor called Brian Booth Craig, in exchange for creative gifts to say thank you!

We did it!

On 7th Apr 2016 we successfully raised £3,175 of £2,000 target with 25 supporters in 56 days

New stretch target

Im so happy that I have met my goal! Such fantastic support from all you lovely people. However why stop here? I would love to continue to do commisions and sell my exhisting work through the site. Raising more money means Im able to invest further into art projects after all living costs are out the way for my apprentercship.

Who am I ?

My name is Martha Lamont and I am a recent graduate from Wimbledon College of Art where I studied Technical Arts and Special Effects. I specialized in figurative sculpture and have a particular keen interest in drawing the human form. I am looking to develop my skills as an artist and become more familiar in my practice so I can become the technical and fine artist that I aspire to be.

Why am I setting up a Crowdfunder?

I am raising money to help me fund an exciting two month long apprenticeship with a figurative sculptor called Brian Booth Craig. This is such a great opportunity to help me become more familiar with my craft and continue to develop myself as an artist. To make this happen, I am setting up an online shop to sell my work and give you a range of gifts to say thank you so very very much for your contributions! I need to raise money to fund my accomomdation, flights, art materials, and general living costs. If you're not familiar with Brian’s work here is a link to his site: or give him a follow on Instagram! He is a truly talented man.

What will I learn during this apprenticeship?

I will become more familiar with welding, mould making, casting, bronze work and sculpting all assisted by Brian Booth Craig. It will make me more confident in my practice and allow me to express myself creatively alongside assisting Brian on his own work.

Why invest in me?

If my art is work is something that you warm to then I would really appreciate your support in my artistic journey. Your investments allow me to continue doing what I love and gives me the opportunity to create new personalised work just for YOU! If you just want to support a new artist then that's great too, and greatly appreciated. Your contributions allows me to continue making more exciting sculptures which I will continue to share with you on my social media sites and personally through email if thats your preference.

What will you get in exchange for your contributions?

I have set up a whole range of gifts to say thank you. A variety of different sized prints, original drawings, personalized drawings and illustrations, sculpture casts and original sculpture.


Here is a list of what Im offering..


A signed print of your choice all available in A5, A4 and A3 depending on what bracket you chose!


If you would like a personalised portrait, then here are a couple of examples! I will be working on A3 or A2, depending on your preference.


 Here are a selection of original works I am selling:

The first two images are being sold at a £100 each (which includes the postage of a heavier item) and the two images below them are being sold at £80 each, both displayed on mount board. 

A (top image to the left) B (top image to the right) C (bottom image in the left) D (bottom image in the right)





The two wood pieces below come as a set under a £120 bracket:



Personalised illustrations...

My first bracket for this section is a large A1 illustration of a skull of your choice. Im happy to discuss style and colour pallet but from my example below- the brighter the better! For this price too, I would also be more than happy to do a drawing of an alternative object if that is your preference.  


If you would love a personalised illustration catered just for YOU, then this is your perfect bracket! This is an example of a previous illustration I have done with personal images and photographs. It is approached in a playful and colourful way, with lots of room for creativity and discussion beforehand! I am offering an A1 image for this price. 



If sculpture is more your thing, then maybe a cast of this male torso is up your street. It will be cast in resin and painted in bronze and gold leaf to give a similar effect to the image below. (This price does not include postage)

This piece is my largest bracket price, as its an original one off sculpture. If you feel connected to this piece and want to support my career as a sculptor, than this bracket is perfect for you! This piece is about enclosure and vulnerability, and would love to discuss further if you are interested in the piece. This price is for the sculpture without the box and mirrored plinth. But I would be happy to discuss adding that in as an additional. Alongside the sculpture, you will recieve a professional printed book of my process and the ideas which lay behind it and a book on the drawings and illustrations which go alongside my ideas. You will also recieve an A3 signed print of your choice. Also to show you how grateful I am of your support I will show EXACTLY where this money will be invested in, and update you with the new images of me creating new work all thanks to you.


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