Online Reading Lounges for Communities

by Busola Sodeinde in London, England, United Kingdom

Online Reading Lounges for Communities


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ReadApp Lounge is an innovative social reading app designed for the modern-day book club connecting individuals within communities.

by Busola Sodeinde in London, England, United Kingdom


Our vision is to promote a central online community where users can read together in groups, discuss their favourite novels or dish about exciting new releases. We want to encourage a shared reading culture, by not being content to read alone but be passionately excited to explore areas of interests collectively. We want to acknowledge the individuality of each reader but also develop the boundless potential of a shared experience.  

As a business leader with 20+ years in industry, I mentor and prepare the Next Gen for life’s successes, often by suggesting reading content for their personal development, this applies to all areas of life. The aim is to ignite an attitude of restless curiosity, to be deeply passionate about what is going on around us and be genuinely considerate of others, to be effective as leaders. The ability to grow deeper silently resides in communities where ideas are exchanged.   

The idea for the app was birthed in the desire to develop a shared reading experience!  

Our app offers a reading lounge for all groups, where each lounge provides content central to its interests and invites or accepts requests to access content in its community. Users may pay to read or freely read available blogs and can share comments in a discussion thread. The variety of lounges caters to different interests and provides a space for every reader to find an armchair they feel comfortable in! 

More recently, as we socialised the idea within focus groups, we’ve seen an opportunity to also test our product with the over 60s. They are using technology to enrich their daily experiences, but even more so, we want to particularly reach those who may be feeling isolated and homebound today and connect them to reading groups with mutual interests. We term these sub-set of baby boomers "the adaptables" for their flexibility to adopt new technology.

We've also seen a rise in creativity, notably the rapid growth in Tik-Tok video content uploads.! Likewise, we want to create access for budding writers; we want to promote a new generation of content providers and bloggers, by providing easier ways to distribute their content and reach an engaging user base. 

We want the lounges to be a space for readers and content providers to meet and have fun! 


With unprecedented changes in today's society, threatened by environmental risks, there is a sense of urgency to scale and roll out our product. Every donation helps us to accelerate our goals to release our product by summer 2020. We are mindful that with heightened uncertainty, sources of funding are drying up; we therefore relying on you - our sponsors to help us get our product released on time. It allows us to play our part imminently to tackle those who are feeling isolated and help improve wellness.  

The funds will be used to fast track our product launch. 

We have put in a stretch budget to allow us test our product with the Older Generation. We can be part of the solution to defeat the viral spell and improve online social engagement & connections.  

Each lounge opened with the funds raised in this giving round will be provided (and funded by us) with a dedicated reading assistant/ youth leader/mentor/ buddy. Please partner with us to increase literacy to the disadvantaged, to younger readers, invest in the NextGen, and tackle isolation for the adaptable Older Gen groups. 

Technology can be a force for good, however we ultimately we want our users to have fun; so please join us in our campaign.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£1,000 or more

Baby Boomers - Lounge

As part of COVID-19 response, we are reaching out to support our outreach work to create a reading lounge for Baby Boomers (ages 60+). *We can customise the lounge in your name/foundation*.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

Massive thank you from the team

£50 or more

£50 Reward

10% off voucher code to redeem upon first purchase of literary content

£100 or more

£100 Reward

25% off voucher code to redeem upon first purchase of literary content

£250 or more

Early Readers Lounge

Create a reading lounge for 10 early readers (ages 7-10). We will provide each lounge with a suitable reading assistant to read along with them. * We can customise the lounge in your name/foundation

£500 or more

Youth Lounge

Create a reading lounge for 10 tweenies/teens (ages 11-17). We will provide a youth leader to engage and enthuse the group. * We can customise the lounge in your name/foundation.

£1,000 or more

Next Gen - Lounge

Create a reading lounge for 10 young adults (ages 18-25). We will provide a suitable mentor to discuss topical news articles and books. *We can customise the lounge in your name/foundation.

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