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by Vathni Ariyam in London, England, United Kingdom

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Helping the people to learn business and accounting, not to fail in business & lose money, parenting advice and the forum to help new parent

by Vathni Ariyam in London, England, United Kingdom

Why are we crowdfunding? 

Who am I, and why are we doing this?

I am Vathani Ariyam, the founder of Sat Business Academy, employed as an accountant for a long time; then, in 2014, I went into internet marketing started with affiliate marketing. 


 I worked in the accounts field for a long time, where I helped many clients learn about accounting and implement accounting systems in their business.

 Therefore, I used to help my clients in many different ways. Then I teach students and help them to understand accounting principles.

I have written one hundred and six eBooks and thirty-eight online courses; the topics are accounting, business, self-care, and parenting.

I have been working in the accounts field for a long time, particularly in the charity sector. Helped and advised many small businesses with start-up procedures and in implementing suitable accounting systems. When I worked for a charity involved with many small charities, my job was to achieve a financial plan for all their small charities. 

Sat Business Academy provides business consultancy and tips, writing eBooks, books, creating online courses, and maintain few blogs. I also have a small accounting practice where I get clients to solve their accounting problems and even their tax issues.

Why are we doing this?

Purely to help people who are planning to set up a business. I am convinced that if you study and follow the lectures in my online courses to help yourself, you will not become a failure.

We aim to help people who have problems going out to educate themselves due to many reasons as ill-health, lack of enough funds, and too much family responsibility. Therefore, they like to stay indoors and improve their knowledge. So, I decided to share my knowledge and teach the world what I have achieved to learn and use that to come out of their poverty.

Many of us like to own our business but unaware of starting what they can do and how they can do so. I provide consultancy and teach them to set up a business. Some owners see failure due to making financial mistakes, and I help them implement suitable finance systems.

That is the reason I started creating online courses and writing eBooks and books. 

Reading my eBooks, online courses, and watching videos, attending webinars can help people in need.

My online courses are on three topics:

  • Accounting & business
  • Self- help
  • Parenting

Our webinars are always free and focused on providing clear explanations on business, learning from online courses, give self-help to motivate the ones who like to know, Parenting advice. In addition, we offer a parenting forum for mothers to help themselves.

We believe in self-belief, hard work, and perseverance, so we will offer great help to overcome your demotivation, fear, finding a suitable niche to set up your small business.

Do not worry; we offer ongoing assistance to support you to develop your enthusiasm and desire.

When joining us, you will see the difference in your attitude towards learning, setting up a small business, and enhancing your confidence. You will start to focus on what you want to achieve ultimately realize all that gives you a better lifestyle.

Business & accounting – Making money

Self-help- Become a better person

Parenting: Your kids will benefit due to enhance parenting knowledge. The way you parent your children will make them remember you at any time; besides, you will have no regrets because you have done the best for them. 

My company mission 

To identify and reach out to small business owners and aspiring students in any part of the world and educate them to build and grow successful businesses by reading books, eBooks, and online courses. That helps them develop their skills and abilities and enables them to become successful entrepreneurs. We will focus on your success and make sure that you will not leave anything without achieving your goals.

My online courses can reach anyone in any part of the world at the most affordable prices.

If you desire, you become the most significant learner, and you are welcome to join us. We will take you through all the nitty-gritty in what you learn.

Start small when branding your business, and remember to focus on your target niche audience first. 

Why should someone support your project?

We like to be knowledgeable in whatever field we like because we want to do better in life. So I give advice, share knowledge by having online learning, offering parenting advice that helps the new parents in particular. Hosting a parenting forum provides an opportunity for parents to share their knowledge also finding solutions for their problems from other parents.

The small business owners mostly fail because of accounting issues, giving them complete support to save them and their business from financial disaster. Protecting people from financial disaster could be of great help as that might destroys someone's life forever.

My online courses empower the demotivated people to come out of failures and to get back into their everyday life a new life again.

We focus on the benefits that people can get from what we do in our business. That mainly gives a better life for people by achieving their desires.

How was the journey?

The life of an entrepreneur is not that easy, We came across many challenges, particularly on the marketing side, and due to lack of funding, we couldn't take the business off the ground. However, I have published many articles on social media platforms to read and learn free from worldwide. That said learned a considerable number of new things and worked hard to see success one day.

Plan what will do with the money?


The first thing that I will implement proper marketing methods with the money That I get to make sure that my work reaches many people.

Staff to help.

Employ staff to help me in the business as I need technical help; besides, if one person runs a business, it will not be ideal for wearing too many hats and leading to failure, which I do not want but want to see success.

Setting up a charity


I worked in the charity for a long time in the accounting sector, so I have a great passion for charity, so I plan to set up a charity to help the needy. I have not decided about the topic for the charity, but I hope it will be educating the underprivileged.


The funders will get free eBooks, online courses, and free consultation from me. If they are interested in setting up a business or want to learn about my business, I am ready to help them. I do affiliate marketing as well. That is one of the best businesses that anyone can make money provided. They commit to doing consistent work, so I will be happy to guide anyone to start their own affiliate marketing business.

I will ensure that my business goes forever and will never leave my business unless anything happens to me. So I will be around to help the people who came to me also teach the world forever.






















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Free online course, books & eBooks I will ensure that a funder receives free help from me in setting up a business and financial advice, which is imperative to bring a business to success. If anyone is interested in learning bookkeeping, I am ready to help them along the way. Besides, I have a coaching session to learn to write eBooks and books to offer them some free lessons. Further, I am an affiliate marketer, I can help to learn affiliate

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