A start up for a business selling luxury watches and electrical products.

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My project is a business start up. I have been working on it for just under two years now. Within this time period, I gained valuable knowledge on prices and brands: I compared prices both online and offline, saw what offers people made and how much bidding there were on certain items as well as read and heard people's reviews. I also spoke to small business owners and gained a vast knowledge on Rolex. I was given such guidence as to purchasing and selling this particular brand as well as recognising forgeries.

I will be buying and selling items online using such resources as Amazon, Ebay, Gumtree and other  auction sites. The majority of the items will be luxury watches, mainly Rolex, as well as jewellery and gold. Other items I will be selling will include smartphones, such as Apple iPhones, Samsung and other well known and favoured smartphones, as well as other electrical devices such as laptops, TVs and tablet devices.

I will use the funds given to purchase stock and equipment for the business. Eventually I would like to expand my online business into a small shop with the online shop still in place. I aim to set up a website of my own and enable the public to compare the prices online with other competitors against my own. This way I hope to make the customers' experience easier and stress-free.

With this business, I aim to differ drastically from such chain companies as CEX or Cash Convertors, for example. I would like to give an oppurtunity to people to buy and sell their items at reasonable prices, not being preyed on and given next to nothing for their items by a greedy company using people's need for cash and reselling at near retail price. I aim to provide a service that gives people the confidence and peace of mind while buying and selling their items online with a reliable service that they can trust.

 For more information before or after you pledge feel free to contact me with your questions.

Contact Information 

Scott Rosetti 

Mobile: 07563517930




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