ONK - stylish children's safetywear

Help us cover the startup costs and get these super cool, super safe, super stylish harnesses to market to keep little adventurers safe.

We did it!

On 13th May 2017 we successfully raised £1,300 with 5 supporters in 28 days

The ONK safety harness
When my little boy was a baby, he wanted to explore everything, everywhere, all the time which was great. I kept him safe from dangerous things by putting them out of reach. 
But when he started learning to walk it got more tricky. He was really wobbly at first and looked at his feet, which made him lean forward and lose his balance.

Then he got better, but kept wanting to run off and find his next adventure.  So I decided to buy him a harness so he couldn’t wander off and get lost in a crowd, annoy a dog in a park, run off at a beach or step out onto a busy road. I wanted a harness with personality - one that that was big on safety and just as big on style. But there weren't any, so I designed some cool alternatives and called it the ONK harness...

They're bright, patterned and reversible so you can fasten it from the front, which encourages parent-to-child interaction... or from the back . And there's also a nifty support strap you can attach to it to help prevent falls when little walkers are wobbly on their feet…

The prototypes have received really positive feedback from potential buyers and distributors, but I can't get them to market without putting them through the British and European safety standards testing (£4,450). And testing is pretty pricey, as is the initial outlay for placing our first order (£7,230); and then I need to take it to the industry's main tradeshow, which is another cough-splutteringly big cost.

I've also designed some very cute safety jackets. These need testing and taking to market, too, and will follow after the harnesses. 

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