Ongoing journey as a freelance Electrician

Ongoing journey as a freelance Electrician

Funding my assessment and registration with NICEIC as an Approved Contractor (Electrician) allowing me to certify work & safety inspections.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I don't want to ask people for 'free' money to improve my own financial prospects, so instead I am offering an important electrical service at a reduced rate. (SEE FURTHER BELOW or 'REWARDS' section)
If you know anyone in London buying or selling a property, anyone concerned about the condition of their electrics, or any okay landlords please forward this to them if you can.


2 years ago I decided to train as an electrician -  to help improve my financial situation, and also as a way to partly fund the random voluntary community & youth orientated projects I passionately kept giving time and energy to.

I have now reached a stage where I am a competent and qualified Electrician (to Level 3 City & Guilds with 17th Edition Wiring regulation accreditation). Ultimately in the future I would also like to be able to provide more work and training opportunities for other people.

At the moment I work freelance, carrying out electrical work for different small companies who certify my work.

However I would like to be able to certify work myself, as well as issue electrical safety certificates for electrical installations.
With the most widely recognised proffessional body (the NICEIC) this will cost around £1200 - (£485 + VAT for the assessment and £445 +VAT for the annual registration after assessment, as well around £100 for technical manuals needed for the assessment).

Again I don't want to ask people for 'free' money to improve my own financial prospects, so instead I am offering an important service at a reduced rate (between %25 - %50 reduction from the average cost charged by Electrical Contractors).*


This service is an inspection of domestic electrical installations (flats, houses etc.), which includes inspecting and testing all the circuits in a property, and the issuing of an electrical installation condition report (EICR), that will confirm the safety of the electrics and / or advise on any issues, minor or serious that need sorting asap, or that should at least be considered by the property owner for changing in the future.

The EICR  is something important for Landlords to have done every few years - they are what some people refer to as 'Landlords Electrical Certificates'.

An EICR is also something to consider getting done if you are buying a property so you understand any necessary work that may need doing. Also you may want to ask for a reduction in the asking price from the seller, should the electrics not be up to current standards and need changing.

*I will carry out the inspection of your property before the end of June - much sooner if required urgently - providing you with a report of my findings straight away,  followed by a certified EICR immediately once I am registered.