by Joanne Welch, Campaign Director in Hertford, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 21st May 2018 we successfully raised £10,347 with 677 supporters in 13 days

To fund the final pre litigation steps before issuing a letter before action to the Government.

by Joanne Welch, Campaign Director in Hertford, England, United Kingdom

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Faustina Donaghey 20th May 2018

Fully support the 50's born womenand their entitlement to pension. have 5 sisters - all got pension at 60! Keep awareness up in the media as lots of women of a certain age do not use internet.

Anne Hamilton 20th May 2018

We are right behind you in this fight I have lost £48000. as a result of the Pension age being raised plus other benefits ie Bus pass. Please keep me up dated for further demonstrations.

Violet Bell 20th May 2018

I'm greatfull to this wonderful group who are fighting on behalf of thousands of women born in the 1950's we all deserve to get what's owed to us and it's campaigns like this to get the mess out there, we will contiue till we get what's rightfully ours. I'm right behind you guys.

Linda Sadler 20th May 2018

If men were in the situation where their pension age was suddenly pushed forward 6 years instead of 1. There would have been outrage. This is another incidence of how ‘unequal’ women are treated in this country.

Eunice White 20th May 2018

Had my 1st part time job at the age of 13 worked all my life apart from 2 years out after the birth of my second child, 26 years ago. Always believed I would have the chance to retire at 60 not 66.

Dorne Topley 19th May 2018

They stole my pension and I stand with the other women who have suffered the same disgusting treatment. I want to know what they did with my contributions, paid in good faith for my pension. Where has it gone?

Kathy O'Brien 18th May 2018

I am the eldest of five sisters, at 60, I got my full pension - they do not - this cruel and unfair extension of pension rights for women is wrong. Not only do women work - they also lose out through loss of income from child bearing and rearing. This often means taking up low income jobs in order to collect children to and from school, and then having to pay others to look after the children during holidays. I insist that this Government rescind the cruel act. It is UNFAIR!

GoaKev 18th May 2018

Dear supporters, can you encourage your partners, families, friends and neighbours to support and donate to this disgraceful injustice served on 50s women? This theft affects all 50s women (and their partners) who paid their NICs in the belief they were going to receive their ENTITLEMENTS and NOT 'benefits' as some opponents make out, and indeed some 50s women who have lost their partners are in exceptionally dire circumstances find they HAVE to continue to work to make ends meet. Laughingly pensions minister Guy Opperman has made an idiotic suggestion that those women affected should take up 'apprenticeships' to earn money - that shows how far removed from reality he is !

Brenda Daily 17th May 2018

Worked all my life provided for my children. Have a granddaughter which I thought I could look after so my daughter could work and provide. Do the government realise how much grandparents save them in child care?? I disagree with the £10000 they want to give to 25 year olds, at that age I was married, mortgage and two children which I worked to provide for. They are laughing all the way as they get their pension at 60 or earlier. Doing youngsters out of jobs while we are forced to work and unable to help our children!!!!

Kit P 17th May 2018

I fully support BackTo60 legal because I believe we need to take the issue out of the hands of politicians who are playing us for political gain.

Dawn Beach 17th May 2018

10.00 more donated, I'm sure I can manage without a packet of cigs for this worthy cause. Keep up the good work ladies

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