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Environmental change makers - creating change

by Kevin Thomas in Bristol, England, United Kingdom


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We are building a community of changemakers, involved in an initiative that brings people together to create positive environmental outcomes

by Kevin Thomas in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

1597513036_email-signature-7bfb792d-5175-44fd-8f38-b0e70de36b1c_(2).pngAfter many years working in education I set up One Planet Matters with the simple idea of using the money that I raised from selling a small range of bamboo fibre keep cups (environmentally beneficial) to fund environmental workshops that I delivered into schools and colleges.  I did this because I believe that the climate emergency needs to be properly understood and that young adults should be given the tools to make environmentally positive choices.  It is easy when faced with   the doom and gloom around the climate emergency to think that it is impossible to make a difference, I wanted to show that actually we can all make a difference.

The One Planet Matters 'Change-Maker' initiative  was  conceived to develop a community of change makers young and old  working collaboratively  for the same cause: our planet! 

The initiative consists of 3 key activities that One Planet Matters believes will enhance community cohesion,  improve well being, engage with young adults, and  create a community engaged in activities that have positive environmental outcomes. 

The initiative  

T1597516395_opm_programme_treeplanting.jpgree Planting                                                                                                                       This activity is linked  to the idea of 21/21. Our aim is to plant 21k trees by the end of 2021. We will be working with community groups, schools and colleges to achieve this. Our facilitators will plan, organise and then work with the community to plant our saplings sourced from our change maker partner Perihale Nurseries.                                                                                       

Builds   community,  improves health, reduces CO2  

 Rooted local produce communities  1597517622_opm_programme_rootedlocal.jpg                                                                               Our aim is to work with community groups, schools and colleges to create communities involved in growing local produce. Seeds and plants will be sourced through our change maker partners; Iron Acton Garden Centre, whilst timber for raised beds will come from  Bendrey Brothers.     The  produce  grown will be shared within the community  or donated to local food banks. 

Builds community, improves health, reduces packaging, reduces transportation emissions,  helps food banks

Swish and Swap events  1597518377_opm_programme_swishswap.png In many ways the simplest, but also one of the most positive activities. Our facilitators will organise a community or group swish and swap event. A One Planet Clothes fact sheet will be available and discussed at the event which will be a social event as well environmentally positive. When the event is over our facilitator will bag up the remaining clothes and feed them in to the H & M recycling scheme.  This activity is environmentally circular and all clothes that are brought to the event  will either be swapped, recycled or reused. 

Builds community,  reduces carbon, reduces transport emissions, reduces pollution, reduces landfill, saves water, reuses clothes, recycles clothes.

What will your donation be spent on?

The Change Maker initiative is ready to  grow and your donation will allow me to start to  fund   regional facilitators who will roll out our initiative in their  areas. Donations = more facilitators = more engagement  =  growth  of  initiative = more change makers.  My aspiration for the future  is that we can create a community that covers the whole of the UK and  your donation will  be important in enabling this vision to grow.  This growth is the primary target for the funding.  .

 Have a look at  our  facebook page, where One Planet Matters  posts and engages on environmental issues.  Visit  or even join our changemakers group which we are building, (and  which individuals involved in our initiatives will also join). It's for people who care about the environment and our aim is to  grow this into a national campaigning body. And finally review our changemaker  series that we have started to run on instagram. I would like to further develop our social media activity and part of your donation could be used to fund this.

There is a clear vision and strategy to the development of the Change Maker Initiative, and the development of an active campaigning community. Your donation will be a stepping stone in achieving  this vision. It may at first glance seem ambitious but our planet deserves nothing less . Please support  One Planet Matters  by  donating today.  Thank you



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£25 or more

Be a Change Maker and own your own keep cup

By donating you have already become a Change Maker. As a thank you we will give you two of our bamboo fibre keep cups. You will never again have to buy a single use throwaway coffee cup. If you have one already then they make great presents.

£50 or more

A little thank you... free veggie bags

As a big thank you we will name one of our "Rooted" local produce communities after you and then send you monthly updates on how its growth is progressing. We will also send you 3 veggie boxes free over the course of the first 12 months.

£100 or more

Check out your footprint....

As a thank you for your donation, we will meet with you & your household (via Zoom) & conduct an environmental review exploring what changes you can make to become more environmentally friendly to our planet. We will also send you a donor certificate and keep you updated on projects featured on our social media platforms and you will also receive two keep cups.

£250 or more

Be a Change Maker partner

As recognition for your donation we will feature you on our website as a Change Maker partner. You will receive a donor certificate and we will put a plaque with your name on one of our tree planting projects and then send you regular updates of its growth. Imagine going to visit a small woodland that you have helped create. You have made a difference. You will also be sent two bamboo fibre cups

£500 or more

Change Maker founder

As a change Maker founder, you will feature as such on our social media & web site. We would name one of our rooted local produce communities after you, or put a plaque on one of our tree planting areas (you can decide). We would also offer a free "know your footprint workshop" workshop. Make a difference and be a change Maker founder. You will also receive two keep cups.

£1,000 or more

Change Maker Gold founder

All the benefits of a Change Maker founder. We would then invite you to be part of our 'planning for the future' team where you will have a chance to raise environmental issues that you care about. Our planning for the future team will be important in helping us develop future strategies and activities that will help create environmentally positive outcomes. You can help us create the changes you are interested in.

Let's make 'Environmental change makers - creating change' happen

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