Amazing musicians

by Kat Pierce in Bolingey, England, United Kingdom

Amazing musicians
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Exciting news.... I’m releasing song!!!It’s scary (but have been learning the art of vulnerability) and exciting!The 19th July this year...

by Kat Pierce in Bolingey, England, United Kingdom

Exciting news.... I’m releasing song!!!

It’s scary (but have been learning the art of vulnerability) and exciting!

The 19th July this year, will mark 10 years since our beautiful girl, Belle went to Heaven. 10 years!!! Anyone who knows me, knows I’m big on significant dates.

10 years is a big one!

I started writing this song just for myself, to process and deal with some stuff.

Then I thought I’d record it and give it to Greg on Belle’s birthday as a gift.

Well... it has escalated, and with the help and encouragement from some beautiful humans, (and a massive amount of not-help from lockdown!!) it’s now finished and set for release on all major streaming platforms on 19th July!

Many times over the years, I have seen some wonderful creatives put out Crowd Funders to enable them to create/record/print/perform their projects.

I am so fortunate that the 3 wonderful guys who have helped with this track have been completely selfless and given their time and talents for free!! So it’s going ahead.

However, with the current global situation and no imminent sign of the live music industry starting back up, I’ve decided to put out this plea to ask if you would please support this song and the incredible musicians involved. I won’t be taking a penny from what is raised, it will be split between...

Ben Sutcliffe - strings

Jamie Martin - guitar

Rowland O’Connor - all other instruments, recording, mixing....etc.

If you’d be willing to support them, and therefore me, I’ll be forever grateful.

My goal with releasing this song is not to seek fame or fortune, just to share, musically.

Music can be very powerful. If this song can reach even just one person grieving and they can get any kind of comfort or healing from it, I’ll be so happy!

Thanks so much for reading ♥️

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