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A resident-led campaign shining a light on 'low traffic neighbourhoods' (LTNs) in Lambeth.

by OneLambeth in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Reaching our stretch target will enable us to significantly up our digital game, with more web functions and broader marketing reach. It will also allow us to expand our research and factual content.

Who we are

A group of residents seeking change to 'low traffic neighbourhoods' (LTNs) in Lambeth. We came together recently and share deep concerns over the way LTNs have been implemented in our Borough, specifically a democratic deficit and lack of meaningful consultation on the schemes, apparent conflicts of interest and impact on families living on main roads. OneLambeth is a grassroots campaign, run by, with and for residents who believe that LTN should not stand for Lambeth's Tortured Neighbourhoods. 


We're asking Government and TfL to think again on LTNs. There is little or no evidence that they are effective in an inner-city context; they displace large amounts of traffic and pollution onto (often less-affluent) comunities, their implementation has been undemocratic and lacking in any substantive community consultation, and they are causing issues for emergency services. It's time for an urgent rethink. Unfortunately, LTNs have been rushed through the legislative process and are already coming into place, affecting thousands of families across the Borough. This needs to change, and we intend to make this happen.

Why a fundraising page?

We're setting up this funding page to cover the essentials of running the OneLambeth campaign, and to allow us to reach even more people with our messages. We are entirely volunteer-powered, and don't benefit from any financial support from external bodies. Setting up a Crowdfunder page is the most direct way to raising the modest funds needed to facilitate our work. We've seen steep growth in interest in our campaign as awareness of LTNs has grown since their roll-out in May, and we need to consolidate this growth by bolstering our operations and infrastructure.

What will happen to my donation?

All donations will go directly to frontline costs of the campaign - printing and reprographics, project management, web hosting fees and licenses, design and brand, and communications costs. Our campaign is entirely run by volunteers, none of whom receive compensation of any kind. To date, we have covered all core costs from our own pockets. But, as the campaign grows, we need to secure additional funding to make sure we can grow sustainably.

What Happens Next?

We're planning for more cross-Borough activities, including communications, events, research and advocacy. By donating, you are will be helping to make this happen, enabling us to do even more than our energetic volunteers have already been able to achieve to date.  We will be sharing regular email progress updates and keeping active on social media so you can keep in the loop. We would love to see our donors getting engaged with our work, and always welcome more people coming forward to join our network. To express interest in getting involved, to sign up for updates or learn more, head to:



Thank you!

A MASSIVE thankyou for your support. Your donation will have a big and tangible impact on our work, and on the lives of those now living with more pollution, more car hazard and noise as a result of LTNs.

Let's make 'OneLambeth' happen

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