Unusual handmade jewellery

by ONEIRATAXIA JEWEL LTD in Bradford, England, United Kingdom

Unusual handmade jewellery
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ONEIRATAXIA JEWEL is a start-up company, creating bespoke handmade jewelry, looking for funding to get the company's vision off the ground

by ONEIRATAXIA JEWEL LTD in Bradford, England, United Kingdom

At the moment the company is run by myself (Mateusz [Matthew]). I have been into creating art for almost 10 years. I'm mainly interested in Fashion Image Making and Styling. I have completed a degree in that field at the University of Salford. Throughout my practice, I have been interested in the unusual. Whether it's gathering unique inspirations for my art or creating unusual things. For years visual work has such as creating fashion images and sculptures have been my main activity within the art world. My work is based on Greek mythology, mental health, and current affairs. 

A few months ago I have started creating jewelry pieces for my own shoots. After a few weeks, I have started considering turning the passion for creating jewelry. After several months of research, thinking and working on producing the pieces I have finished sample collection called 'Fallen Angel'. 

The inspiration for the collection has been a mix of Greek Mythology and personal experience with mental health problems as well as some experience with Christianity.

For a fair while, I have been struggling with depressive states. Right before I have gotten my self on antidepressants it has felt like going through some bizarre underworld, that was devoid of any positivity. That feeling would go away at various times however until I have got proper help it was not good.

The Greek mythology part came through my fascination for it that has lasted for several years. In the context of this collection, the stories about Hades has been my connection point. When it comes to the time while I was not on anti-depressants I would feel invisible in terms of being irrelevant to everything that has been happening around me. It felt like being a ghost you are there but can't do anything about it. There have been several things within the stories about Hades, that I have felt somehow connected to. The bit about Hades receiving a helmet that made the wearer invisible has been the somewhat obvious thing that I would fell connection to.

Another thing was Hades' outings. As we know he was the only god not residing on Mount Olympus. However similarly to other gods, he was able to get out of his residence to deal with his things.
As I have mentioned before the depressive state that I was in would have a lesser grip on me. At those times I would have been able to do more.

As I'm thinking about the name of the collection I do believe that my Christian upbringing had a lot to do with it. I have been an atheist for many years, but it did not stop me from gathering inspiration from the stories about Lucifer.

In terms of the 2 drops for this collection, they are meant to stand for two different times of my life relating to the things I have discussed. Drop 1 relates to my time pre antidepressants and drops 2 will stand for my time after I have accessed professional help. For almost a year I have been on anti-depressants as well as accessing therapy and other services.

Drop 2 will be more about getting the problems off my shoulders and moving forward.

This is a massive topic and I have tried to summarise it in this post. I do understand that there is a lot of additional things to talk about. I will probably talk about more things relating to this collection, however, I can't promise when it will happen when it comes to putting it in this or similar form.

You can view visual work for it here: https://www.oneirataxiajewel.com/

The brand is to address different topics with each collection. The brand will release 3-5 collections a year. 2 collections are to follow the schedule of the fashion industry. This will include Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter season. However, all collections by the brand are equally as important.

The brand is to create pieces that address topics that are either intriguing or touch wider society such as mental health.

The pieces are to be eye-catching. However, they are meant to unique and be eye-catching due to them being different than what can be obtained from other brands while appropriately addressing relevant collection topic.

 The way that I'm planning to do that is creating collections that people can relate to. That will be achieved through thorough research, design and producing as much of the pieces in-house. 

The main channel of promoting the business would be Social media channels. That would involve creating appropriate content surrounding the collections, these will include releasing pictures of the ad campaign, lookbook pictures. As well as creating Facebook posts that will explain the theme of each collection. Another way of spreading the word about the company would be updates of the brand's activities. Those will take place through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram stories. Additionally, the marketing budget (it's separate to the budget for shooting campaign, lookbook, and pictures for the website) is to be spent on social media ads. As the social media ads are being used more and more by the big players, it's the brands aim to invest at least 20% of the turnover and investment into the ads.

Additionally to make sure the brand does not limit itself to the paid ads it's the brands aim to get involved in the conversations on social media surrounding appropriate topics.

It's the brands aim to become recognizable start-up within the first 12 months. The recognition is to come from people that are interested in unusual and hand-made jewelry, which is addressing various topics through creativity and humanly approach.

Catching the eye of the press is very much on the table. As getting press' recognition will give the brand opportunity to reach audiences that will be really hard to reach without press' coverage.

First 3 collection releases (November, January, and March releases) will use glass beads for most of the pieces. Some of the pieces will include pieces from old second-hand broken pieces. The big aim is to set up a small workshop that will allow the brand to craft most items for the pieces. However, by that time the brand will still need to get clasps for necklaces, hooks for earrings, etc. But the aim is to make the brand less dependant on suppliers of beads and charms.

It would be hard to imagine to not making a dream of making the company successful through making outstanding pieces, the biggest aim.

However, another big thing for the company is to grow and create employment opportunities such as hiring appropriate members of staff such as accountants, models, etc. Paid internships are also high on our list. As whatever you will do as work for us you should get paid. One day it would be amazing to move brand's head office into London. However, it will be unlikely to happen. At the moment the brand is run out of my bedroom in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Before the company will be in any shape, able to move down south, it will be required to operate in Bradford and in the meantime, it will still require to create jobs for such position as accountants, production team and models. As there aren't many opportunities within this field around West Yorkshire it will have a positive impact on the community. 

At the moment the company is funded out of my own pocket. At the moment company's budget is really thin, therefore it can only support creating a quantity of one of each piece. Through completing this fundraising we will be able to create a bigger quantity of each piece. That will give the company a chance for higher income in order to be self-sufficient. Additionally, the company will be able to spread the running cost. 

A big part for the company is being on social media. At the moment it's the company's main way of communication with potential customers. As I try to make it as successful as possible, increasing the budget for paid ads will give the company a higher chance to reach people that would have a small chance of finding the brand. At the moment all the brand can invest in them is 15 GBP per month. If this fundraising will be successful this will be increased to 250GBP per month. 

To grow the company on more levels than just online advertising, increased inventory, and staffing, it will require to acquire various tools to create more sophisticated pieces than it is now. The tools will include such power tools as Soldering iron, engravers, drills, etc. If this fundraising will be successful, 500GBP will cover basic tool needs. 

At the moment the company has to produce campaign and lookbook pictures for 'Fallen Angel Drop 2' and 'Quirky Elegance' collections. The cost of creating them will be at least 200GBP (exact amount will depend on how much the company will have to spend). It would be my aim to us this fundraising to cover these costs.

Furthermore, the cost of a running website (28.80GBP per month) would be covered for 10 months by this fundraising.


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