Stop Road Closures Queen's Park/Kensal/Brondesbury

by OneBrent in London, England, United Kingdom

Stop Road Closures Queen's Park/Kensal/Brondesbury
We did it
On 10th November 2020 we successfully raised £290 with 12 supporters in 28 days

OneBrent aims to challenge Brent Council and TfL on the proposed undemocratic road closures. We need your support.

by OneBrent in London, England, United Kingdom

Who we are

OneBrent is a fast-growing group of local residents and businesses campaigning to stop the proposed roll-out of draconian, potentially dangerous and discriminatory road closures across the London borough of Brent.

OneBrent is a non-political, non-partisan group that campaigns on one issue only and is funded purely by personal donations.

We aim to be transparent and accountable to all donors regarding expenditure, with any unused funds being donated to a local charity that benefits our community.

With your donations we will be focusing our efforts campaigning against LTN 19 - Queen's Park / Brondesbury Park / Kensal road closures.

Why we need your help

The council's proposed changes will force all traffic onto the area's main roads, significantly lengthening journey times and therefore increasing congestion and pollution. 

In our area, the impact will be especially harmful for those residing, attending school or struggling to make a living in these “main" roads.

Other low-traffic schemes around London have been scrapped and rejected by councils as they've caused complete chaos.

OneBrent seeks to provide those who would be most impacted, including residents, tradespeople, local businesses, those with mobility issues and locals who simply can't cycle and walk everywhere with a way to have their voices heard. 

Your donations will be used for:

  • Dedicated website and online promotion activity
  • Design & production of posters, flyers
  • Engaging independent, professional experts, such as traffic consultants and legal counsel
  • Possible billboards campaign 

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