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On 22nd January 2018 we successfully raised £23,607 with 1866 supporters in 14 days

To fund Messrs Birnberg Peirce Limited to advise backto60.com

by Joanne Welch, Campaign Director in Hertford, England, United Kingdom

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Jacqueline Mary Hargreaves 22nd January 2018

I love this idea because like me many woman born in the 50"s, I started work at 16 years of age. I was sacked on the spot for being pregnant at the age of 20. The changes to legislation to increase the working age for woman born in the 50"s does not take into account the difficulties faced by woman at that time.

Keith Henry Barr 22nd January 2018

We require that both Central Government and Occupational Pension Fund Holders, honour pension terms and conditions agreed at commencement of our employment and NOT altered without your agreement at a later date.

Mrs LAMAISON-THOMAS 22nd January 2018

The government finds money to pay for a ludicrous Brexit that we all know is suicidal, following a referendum that was not legally binding. A fraction of this could be used to help women get their pension before the age of 67. I will have to wait for 6 years before getting anything, yet I have paid the amount of required years. Is this fair?

Jacqueline Medcalf 22nd January 2018

I left school at 16, always worked the agreement with the government was i paid my contributions they gave me a pension at 60. I held my side of the bargain and lived within my means and the law. They spent the money, they failed to plan, the broke a moral contract with me and i would like my money. Thank you.

diana Whalley 22nd January 2018

I am right behind this campaign as a woman born in 1956, worked nearly all my life at full and part time jobs and cared for both parents for many years nursing them and caring for them at home until they died. I feel the limit of 66 is not justified as I had no notice that the pension age would change.

Elisabeth Mason 22nd January 2018

Good luck and I hope the legal process takes place. Also I do have letters changing my Pension Age if those are needed. I had the second hike in SPA and that letter was dated January 2012. I'm 64 next month!

Gillian Fergie 22nd January 2018

Sorry I can't donate more. Please carry on your quest. I am 64 years old and cannot get out of my loveless painful relationship as I have nowhere to go and no money to leave with, Thank you

Linda Carson 22nd January 2018

I want to support this campaign as for many of us it isn't just a matter of continuing to work for a bit longer if you can't work due to ill health and so are already on the poverty line!

Gail Goddard 22nd January 2018

This is something we have to fight as it was not fair. The money is always in the government funds for foreign aid or illegal immigrants. It's time to insist that those of us who have put that money there are not penalised by unfair law changes.

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