One Step Wild
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An organisation in Dorset working to promote nature based events and activities across the UK through a purpose built online hub.

by One Step Wild in Rugby, England, United Kingdom

“I know when I’ve not had enough nature! I have to have it. Crave it. When I have it I feel better!”   

 - Richard Louv

Who are we?

One Step Wild is an organisation based in rural Dorset, working hard to create a new and exciting online hub, purpose built to promote nature based events and activities available throughout the UK.

We seek to introduce people to new experiences, boost health, quality of life and engage people with the natural world. 

Why are we doing this?

There is mounting evidence to suggest a link between the disconnection with nature in our busy, sedentary modern lives and a rise in stress, anxiety, depression and disease.

Our ancestors were connected to nature in order to survive. Today, more than half the world’s population live in urban environments and increasingly rely on technology for convenience. Our children are spending less time playing outside and people are spending much of their time indoors only experiencing nature in a virtual sense.

Evidence is increasingly showing us that contact with the natural world can promote physical and mental health benefits and lead to feelings of happiness and well-being. Contact with the natural world can also increase awareness of the need for conservation of the natural world. 

Research suggests that there are barriers to accessing green space and opportunities to reconnect with nature. 

One Step Wild are on a mission to break these barriers!

How will we achieve this?

The aim of One Step Wild is to promote local events with the ultimate goal of increasing happiness, health and well-being through a reconnection with the natural world we all belong to. 

It’s not enough to engage those already interested in nature. We aim to promote these events to the whole community. 

We will provide a hub where host organisations' events are listed in one place. From here, filters will narrow the search criteria to a local level and allow individuals to find events relevant to them. 

We are also looking to work with organisations to ensure their events are getting the attention they deserve.

How you can help

Ideas and research require time, brainpower and collaboration but an online hub requires financial investment and the infrastructure to support day to day operations.

You will support:

  • Web development and support for the hub (e.g. hosting, search engine optimisation)
  • Brand creation
  • Promotion and awareness in local communities 
  • Day to day running
  • Opportunities to source expert assistance if required

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