One Square Club

One Square Club

Help launch the world's most exclusive private members' club.

We did it!

On 3rd Mar 2017 we successfully raised £400 with 9 supporters in 25 days

One Square Club

One Square Club is the most exclusive private members' club in the world. The club’s one square metre premises offer premium facilities, including a bar and events such as live music and live comedy. We pride ourselves on offering a luxurious and unique experience and ultimate exclusivity, with the club having only one member at any given time.

Based in central London, the club has been built in a bespoke wooden shipping crate, rather than being in a permanent residence at a single location it can travel to different cities and countries.


One Square Club only ever has one member at any given time. A membership at the club lasts for one day and the fee for a membership is based on the market value of purchasing 1 square metre of property at the club's location. You can request the club to come to a specific location; this will influence the cost of a membership.

Membership is based on an application process. Anyone can apply to become a member of One Square Club. 


The club has been fabricated to the highest possible quality by a team of skilled craftsmen. The custom wooden shipping crate has been built with an insulated stud wall, vents and a door. A solid oak floor has been laid and bespoke wooden panelling has been installed.

The work to be completed includes the hanging of wallpaper and the installation of a light.

One Square Club has worked with a variety of companies during the fabrication and interier design stages of the project, the companies have sponsored high quality materials and products for use in the club.  Here are a few of our sponsorors:


Tom Dixon

Little Greene

Croft architectural ironmongers

Champion Timber

XL joinery

Parquet Parquet

Relics of Whitney

The Cool Ice Box Company

The Creator:

The founder and creator of One Square Club is Tom Pope, a London based performance and photographic artist.

Pope came up with the concept and has been the driving force in realising it and will be the club's host.

Pope graduated with a MA in Photography from the Royal College of Art in 2011. Upon graduating he won the Deutsche Bank Artist Award for the project Time Bound: where he travelled from London to Geneva in a hearse and destroyed a grandfather clock at the centre of the Large Hadron Collider, CERN. The resulting work was exhibited in Pope’s first London solo show So It Goes in 2012.

Pope has work in the collections of the National Portrait Gallery, Deutsche Bank, National Museum of Wales as well as in various private collections. Pope was been commissioned to make films and undertake various performances.

Pope delivers educational workshops in galleries and schools across the country and has worked with the Arnolfini Art Gallery, Camden Arts Centre and the Zabludowicz Collection. Previously Pope has taught History of Art and has been a visiting Lecturer at Swansea Metropolitain University.

Pope’s artistic practice encompasses performance, photography and film. He works with performed photography where the act of creating a photograph or film is transformed into a performative event. Participation plays a large role in the works he produces; the playful situations he orchestrates leave space for improvisation and spontaneity.

More about Tom Pope’s work can be found on his website:


Tom Pope came up with the concept of One Square Club as a response to a brief set by The Artists Fund to test the assumptions made in the art world about how artists can raise money using their practice, beyond selling their work and the viability of how artists might earn in the future.

One Square Club is both a fully fledged private members' club and an artwork. The club will always be a functioning private members' club, where it will process applications and accept memberships. On occasions the club will be exhibited in art galleries or at events, during this time it will continue to host members.

With a 1 square metre floor space and with a one-on-one situation the club’s member will be the consumer of a service while also taking part in a performative situation. This piece seeks to explore new ground, the artwork as the production of services rather than material goods. The correlation between performance and the service economy draws upon ideas of the theatre and the potential for economic exchange, one based on production and consumption. By creating an artwork that can be operated as a participatory service, the consumer is simultaneously experiencing the artwork and utilising a leisure service.

The work will actively participate in the service economy. One Square Club does not exit the art market; it relocates the art market, it’s a relocation from a market of goods to a market of services.


With the club's fabrication almost completed, funding is required for the next stage of the project: creating a website, PR and a launch event.

We intend to hold a launch event in central London that will showcase the club to the press, prospective members and invited guests. With your support we will be able to build a website that reflects the clubs beauty and uniqueness and to launch the club at an event to remember.


With the support of £50 you will recieve a limited edition photograph by Tom Pope. Meausring 25.4x20.32cm and in a signed and numbered edition of 20 the photograph was created during one of Pope's latest photographic performances with cyanotype photographic solution. Each print in the edition is unique.

With the support of £70 you will recieve a limited edition photograph by Tom Pope. Meausring 26x26cm (29x42cm paper size) and in a signed and numbered edition of 20 the photograph was created during a residency in Marseilles where Pope created a series of absurd performative photographs.

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