One Smile Toothbrush

One Smile Toothbrush

Changing the lives of others, by purchasing a One Smile toothbrush - "You give, We give"

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Project aim

Changing the lives of others, by purchasing a One Smile toothbrush - "You give, We give"

About the project

 About One Smile

One Smile was set up to provide dental care to children in less developed countries for whom oral care is a luxury rather than a necessity. We use the "You give, We give" approach which means for every One Smile toothbrush that you purchase we will give a toothbrush to a child in need. We aim to improve the lives of thousands of children across the world through this very simple approach.  

 The Problem 


Less developed African regions are challenged by a number of oral health problems including periodontal diseases, orofacial traumas and noma. However, it is the growing concern of dental caries (tooth decay) that has a large effect on the majority of Africans across socio-economic contexts. Tooth decay if not treated correctly can cause serious illness and result to life threatening diseases such as oral cancer and HIV (World Health Organisation, 2011).

Despite the fact that there are natural resources and locally sourced products in African regions that help prevent dental caries, there is still between 60% - 80% of school age children in Africa that are affected by tooth decay. Dental caries has increasingly developed in Africa due to bad nutrition diets which contain sugar rich foods and lack exposure to fluorides. 

The Solution 

The Solution In the UK, there is an increasing demand for dental hygiene products. We aim to translate this constant and increasing demand in the UK to provide oral healthcare in less developed countries. For every One Smile toothbrush that is purchased, we promise to give a toothbrush to a child in need. Through our ‘You Give, We Give’ approach we will make owning a toothbrush an integral part of a child’s life in less developed regions.

Added Benefits  

Not only will the One Smile toothbrush provide dental care for children across Africa, the design means it is much more eco-friendly than many other manual toothbrushes on the market. Made from bio degradable bamboo, the toothbrush will have less impact on the environment from its self-renewing material and sustainable packaging.

How it works

The concept is simple and you can change the lives of others. Just by purchasing a One Smile toothbrush you can help children in need. 

The One Smile Aim

One smile aims to deliver every matched purchase to a chosen community that has been carefully selected with a charity organisation every six months.  

With our exciting movement, we want people to make the right choice and think of the impact they could make.  

Change the life of others, buy a One Smile toothbrush - "You give, We give"

Currently the One Smile toothbrush is ready for production and a final sample has been agreed with the manufacturer. With your help and support, manufacturing will start as early as May 29th 2015 and our company will start selling toothbrushes in July 2015 in the UK.

The website is ready to launch and our exciting marketing campaign will ensure people make the right choice when buying a toothbrush.

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