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Our mission is to offer range sustainably sourced products and build conscious community that contribute to fight with climate change

by One Small Step in Leicester, England, United Kingdom

What is happening with our Planet?

Adults, we are generations that were raised on piles of plastic bottles and bags. As long as our memory can reach, we can see signals of a forthcoming disaster. It's Us who become so comfortable with our disposable bags, straws, cutlery, aprons, gloves etc that life without plastic becomes unmanageable and we didn’t even notice when. Now it's 2021 our generation is considered as Old and youngsters are blaming us for destroying their future.


Our comfy consumerism has become a cause of climate change, air and water pollution, forest devastation, animal extinction and much more. The only way to fix what we destroyed through our blinded by comfort lifestyle is to change our habits. Start living on a sustainable and sensible basis. But how to do it in a world filled up with single-use plastic?  

We have an answer to that question. By building a aware, sustainable, zero waste community that is putting all possible effort into educating, recycling, upcycling and showing locals how to live in zero waste ways. Our zero waste project isn't just a shop where locals will be able to make shopping plastic free. It's a place filled up with knowledge, work shops and community spirit that will help secure the future for our kids and show them how to take care of our planet.

Why plastic pollution is happening?

What we see on shopping shelves is far from sustainable, we are surrounded by a ludicrous amount of plastic packaging even in cases where we don’t need one. We are coming back home with single-use plastic rather than ever, and reality is grim. Not many households recycle, less than half of our neighbours know the correct recycling practices.

Schools are lacking in education, parents don’t care adequately to educate their children, or they simply absence of knowledge but results are inevitable. Our world is on the verge of disaster. We don’t have much time left to reverse climate change but it's still possible. If we act now.


We woke up one day with a magnificent idea of building family, having kids and living joyful lives. But then second thought came to our minds, what if there's not enough future for our kids? Climate change is real, carbon emission to atmosphere is getting bigger and bigger each year, oceans are empty, Coral Reef is dying. What if there's really no future for our kids? Do we want to bring more beings to this over populated planet?

But the answer is YES, we do, we want to have family, we want to have cheerful life and experience all the beauty of having kids. That's why we decided to pick up a fight against pollution. We transformed our lifestyle. Started to live „zero waste” but then everyday life struggles came and we realised that it's almost impossible to live normal life on budget and shop plf stic free. Simply because of lack of shops offering products without extra packaging, extremely expensive ecological substitutes, and our lack of skills if it's about upcycling.

What we can do to stop it?

We start to look for solutions. It is clear that we still have a chance to secure the future for our children and grandchildren. We must change habits! Start shopping and live sustainably. You ask how? It's simple. Exchange disposable plastic bag with reusable one. Free your toilet from unnecessary single use plastic, that at the end is going to float our rivers and oceans.

Store up your cupboards with glass, metal, wooden reusable containers and give up shopping at supermarkets. Support us and help us fund our Leicester zero waste community. Help us gather £75.000 to fund our community. 

The plan is simple to start here in Leicester, locally. Secure jobs, provide future and education, then build a sturdy plan that can help create similar communities. The purpose of the Zero Waste movement is to prevent as much matter from heading to the landfill as possible! We do believe we can. And we do believe that where there is a way.


Our mission:

We are a couple of eco-minded sustainable warriors who want to get people closer to ecological solutions. If those eco sustainable ways will be far easier to reach, far less expensive than supermarkets plastic full equivalents, then every single one of us will be able to do our bit.

What’s mean sustainable? 

What is zero waste shop?

A zero waste shop enables customers to live a more sustainable lifestyle through eliminating packaging and encouraging the use of containers from home to fill and refill with bulk wholefoods, natural beauty and cleaning products plus much more. It's a store where you can find locally sourced products, organic fruits and vegetables from nearby farmers. It's a complicated concept with one simple idea in mind. To reduce waste. 

Our shop will be located almost in the centre of Leicester, almost because we are not able to afford rent in city-centre. That's why we chose New Walk in Leicester, it's an amazing green and joyful place filled up with students and lives. Will be perfectly matched in our ecological dream.  What are we planning to sell in our store?

  •  Range of baked goods, Vegeterian, Vegan, Gluten Free, you will find here delicious bread, buns, pastries and much more, all without excess packaging sold and prepared in sustainable ways. 
  • Locally sourced vegetables, fruits, herbs and plants, so you know you are buying best quality produce and you support local farmers.
  •  Range of items that you will be able to buy per weight, like beans, chickpeas, lentils, wheat, pasta, flour, sugar, rice, spices, caffe, tea and many, many more. 
  • You will have a chance to top up Your reusable bottle at Our Fermentation Station where you will be able to purchase handmade and organic juices, kombucha, kefir, vinegar etc. Or if you are willing to try on Your own, You will be able to join our fermentation classes and then produce all of that by Yourself at home. 
  • We are going to offer a range of pickles, chutneys, jams and sauces from our homemade Mum’s Storage - all organic, handmade and most importantly Zero Waste. And then when You gonna fall in Love with taste, again You can join our workshop and learn how to make it home. 
  • And finally You will be able to rest in our Caffe Corner, where you gonna purchase locally roasted speciality caffe, prepared with greatest care for the environment by our dedicated Barista. You will be able to enjoy selection of educational books and magazines. When You will be ready at our Caffe Corner You will be able to learn about obtainable workshops, Leicester Eco community, composting plans and join them if You please. For that every single one of us hopes.


So You can see that collaboration with local farmers, bakers, roasters, and many, many more local ecologic businesses we build an idea of zero waste store that will fit more than just one purpose. We want to change habits, give people the opportunity to choose plastic free solutions. We are going to educate young ones on how important sustainability is and how we can reverse climate change with our own hands. And with your own shopping carts. 

We are going to build a sustainable community with other eco minded people so our kids and grandkids can learn how to live in peaceful balance with the environment.


Why do we need Your help, and on what we are going to use collected funds?

We need your help with funding our store, that will allow us to work on our project completely debt free, without bank loans. We need to gather £75.000, covers all expenses. It's extremely substantial to start it in this way so we can invest our all profit into progressing and upgrading ideas not into paying off loans. 

By funding our store, we mean gathering funds for ecological equipment, solar panels that will help us build electric storage for shop purposes. To fill up space with proper shelving, reusable containers, zero waste products and scale systems, that will allow customers to weigh buying stuff.

As owners of “One Single Step” we are truly devoted into investing every single penny towards developing our idea. We have lifetime savings that we intend to invest in that plan, but unfortunately that's not going to be enough. 

We need Your help to gather funds to secure properly spacious localication in Leicester, with enough room to prepare classrooms for our „Ecological lifestyle” workshops. To equip our store into a kitchen where we can teach kids and adults all secrets of fermenting, and food storing without plastic, chemicals or fridge or freezer. Everyone loves pickled and fermented foods, and preparing them should be substantial knowledge in every household.

 We need your help to gather funds for Urban Wormery stations, and heat composters that will allow us to find use for all organic waste from our shops and members of our community. Produced compost will be available free of charge for everyone who is willing to bring their organic waste to us and process it in eco way instead of dumping it in the bin. That's going to prevent huge amounts of methane gasses from reaching atmosphere, as binbags full of spoiled, rotting organic waste will stop heading the landfills.


Yes we do have knowledge, we have professionals and experts, we want to work with Leicester schools and nurseries who will be willing to bring in their pupils so we can educate them. The only thing we are missing are funds, funds that are essential to pay those specialists for sharing their knowledge with our kids.

Thats why we need Your help. We need You to help with financial aspect, without You and other people willing to help us our knowleage and skills means nothing.


„Earth Future = sustainable communities” how we can achieve it?

We believe that stabilising the earth situation is in our hands, every single one of us is capable of changing our habits and starting contributing into fighting for our planet. The easiest way to do it is by forming local communities focussed on educating future generations how to become sustainable and ecological. We must stop destroying Earth, we must start protecting her. We truly believe that Leicester is full of like minded people who would benefit from our community and who would want to be it’s part.  

Together with Leicester locals, we came up with a full list of workshops that will provide youngsters with valuable skills: 

-We want to teach them how to grow their own vegetables and fruits.

-How to ferment foods.

-How to compost all organic waste.

-How to upcycle and fix products on our own, instead of buying new ones.

-How to use sewing machines and transform your household in zero waste kingdom. 

-How to control your carbon footprint and make sure that you reduce it successfully . 

-How to protect biodiversity and help local wildlife. 

How to build and care for soil in your garden, plus production of organic fertilisers. 

We are truly sure that Leicester people need to have more possibilities to buy organic, fresh quality products. Not just a shop, but a place that would be the ecological heart of Leicester, giving adults and kids a chance to gather knowledge and be a part of a fight against climate change. 

We really hope that you love the idea of bringing the eco hub to Leicester, same as we do!

And you will share our passion for sustainable, locally sourced products. Passion for an ecologically driven community and help us reach our goal!

If you are not able to support us financially, please share Our fundraiser and help us to reach as many people as possible. We don't have much time left for Earth, we need to act now if we want to prevent Our Planet from the worst.

Love You All.

Thank you for your time and attention. We hope that we are going to see each other in Leicester on grand opening!


Karolina & Alin

Owners of One Small Step.


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