ONE Parking App that rewards

by Grant Rose in Tonbridge, England, United Kingdom

ONE Parking App that rewards
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To reduce the number of different parking apps people have to store their account details in by creating 'ONE app that gives back'

by Grant Rose in Tonbridge, England, United Kingdom


Exactly as it says in the title above, this project is not about making money, but a way to reduce my own risk of needing to save my bank account details in various parking apps, risks I can to save you from also (if you believe in me)…

I myself travel in the UK for work, and every time I eventually find a parking space I find I'm yet again having to download another parking app which wants to store my account details to be able to pay for the current parking charge and future parking.

I currently have 6 parking apps which stretch from the south of the UK to just above the midlands that’s 5 too many apps in my eyes.

The idea of ONE app is for the design and development of a simple parking app to give as much or as little information as you wish (i.e. parking locations, price comparisons, parking provider, spaces available, opening times etc).

The app in question will connect to all other parking apps allowing payments to be made without having to specifically store your account details on each individual app. The plan is to give flexibility on the payment options available to the customer which will be stored on the ONE main app, it’s like the paypal of parking!

Paying for parking couldn't be easier, and to top it off, the app rewards back. When paying for parking your vehicle registration will be entered into a draw, similar to that of a raffle, so the more you park, the more chances you have.

Although I've outlined the concept above, there is much more to this idea and one I'm personally excited about and hope you are too. I do not wish to share every little detail at this stage as there is risk of it no longer being my idea :)!

The money you help to raise to support in the design, development and marketing of this app will be on a budget, but I personally believe it is what is required to get started. My enthusiasm and dedication will continue to push this forwards thereafter so I thank you in advance for anything you can give…


I really hope you want to support me in my journey to achieving the greatest parking app (that's my view anyway :)) and I thank you for reading this and kindly ask you join me help make my dream of being an entrepreneur a reality.

Happy donating!


Let's make 'ONE Parking App that rewards' happen