One Mic Project - West Croydon Youth Centre

One Mic Project - West Croydon Youth Centre

We aim to bring communities together through music and reduce significantly community issues such as gang conflict and criminal behaviour.

We did it!

On 22nd Jan 2017 we successfully raised £30 with 3 supporters in 56 days

Who are we?
MOG media productions is a social enterprise organization created with the aim to bring communities together through music, we 
Through music young people can enhance positive skills such as confidence, empowerment and motivation.
Many young people of different cultural and academic backgrounds aspire to engage in music production. This can be incorporated as an incentive and motivation to attend school and promote positive behaviour.

What do we do?
We aim to provide a quality program in a safe and fun environment with the intention to reduce significantly community issues such as gang conflict and criminal behaviour, improving personal and social skills and bringing communities together within areas that lack provisions and are of economic and social deprivation.

What do we need?
Our plan to renovate the facilities of Hood Close residential centre consist of some technical and infrastructural improvements.
At the technical level we need specific hardware and up software essential for music production, microphones, and some pieces of furniture like desks and chairs.
Regarding the infrastructures there are a few renovations necessary to unable the space to fulfil their huge potential and be utilized as it has initially designed for: to offer our young people a safe and healthy place where they can develop their interpersonal skills, learn and feel part of a group who understand and respect their individuality.

The plan is to create two separate spaces within the centre allowing different participants of the project work accordingly with their needs and preferences and mutually helping each other sharing skills and opinions. For that we aim to make develop:
• a vocal booth;
• a video booth;
• a “green screen”.

Why do we need that?
After these changes we will be able to target a wider section of young people from our local community and also the others from local school and colleges offering them the opportunity to acquire volunteer experience to enrich their curriculum vitae so crucial for their academic progress.

What else are we planning?
We have been in contact with AQA and at the moment we are in the process of meeting the criteria necessary to progress with a program which will be able to give an official qualification recognized by that exam board.

When can we start?
We are ready to start! We have a qualified multidisciplinary team constituted by people with different skills in the music and arts looking forward to jump-off.
We have distributed leaflets to youths in our borough and passed the message mouth-to-mouth. We are having a great feedback from individuals, their parents and even other institutions that were very interested in working with us and bring along dozens of people selected who would benefit from our project.
Basically the only reason who haven’t started yet is due to the lack of resources in the centre.

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