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One Giant Leap is an Arts project that can transform lives, making happier, more confident children. Invest in a smile today!

by mark@highlysprungperformance.co.uk in Coventry, England, United Kingdom


In 2017 we worked with an 8yr old boy who at the start of the project had very low confidence, he was unable to communicate and preferred to stay in the background. 

The work he did as part of One Giant Leap allowed his self esteem to grow in new ways, he performed alongside his classmates, shared his ideas and SMILED at his achievements.

This child was just one of the 1200 children that we have worked with as part One Giant Leap. With your funding we can support another year of inspiring and life changing arts experiences for another 500 children in some of the most deprived areas in the West Midlands.

de96c9e56b00c522fbbb6e6499d3e0905389be51One Giant Leap is Highly Sprung’s flagship arts project for children. 

The project provides 500 children with the opportunity to see and create performance inspired by visits to art galleries, museums and theatres and find new ways to celebrate sciences.

Now in its fourth year, the One Giant Leap project uses physical drama and movement to inspire children to engage in themes that explore maths and science. 

Working with children and young people is at the core of Highly Sprung, all our work is produced to inspire, provide the space and time to develop new skills and increase ambition and raise self-esteem.b66abc6a33295eb5d84faca1de01073352b9a8e2

With the money raised from your support One Giant Leap will... 

  • Raise self-esteem and improve children’s communication, giving each child a sense of achievement through learning performance techniques and exploring inspiring ideas from science.
  • Provide free transport to every child to visit theatres, museums and galleries.
  • Support children's creativity and provide the opportunity to perform their own show, ensuring more children have the chance to smile!

The impact of the funding will mean every child takes part in an exciting and inspiring programme of events:

  • Attend a live performance of Tree by Highly Sprung. (More about Tree below!)
  • A day long ‘Inspiration Day’ at a cultural/heritage venue such as Coventry Transport Museum, participating in interactive dance and drama activities that connect with the exhibitions and demonstrate how maths and science influence our day to day lives.
  • Four days of working in school with artists from Highly Sprung, providing opportunities for children to work practically with artists using physical performance to explore topics related to themes inspired by maths and science which help children to explore the world they live in. 
  • A final outcome event at the end of the project, giving each child the opportunity to showcase their performance work, allowing parents, families and friends to share in the learning journeys of participants.  


Tree is a performance that engages children in the complex science of human life. Uncovering the magic of what is happening inside our bodies and how very special and unique each individual is. Tree is an imaginary journey of discovery through roots, branches, cells and DNA promoting an understanding of Huntington’s Disease.

Eight-year-old Sophie sets out on an adventure to understand why the beloved tree at the bottom of her garden has suddenly become ill. Children join Sophie on a mission to find a cure for Tree using only science and their imaginations to help.

Highly Sprung co-directors Mark and Sarah Worth say: “Storytelling is the perfect way to engage young children in understanding science. We want children to get to grips with how life works, and doing so show how causes and cures can be found for diseases.” 

Tree is developed in partnership with researchers, clinicians and neurologists at Warwick University and University College London and in association with the Huntington's Disease Association.


“My favourite part of the performance was the way that such a complex and touching matter was portrayed in such an accessible way. It was incredibly moving! Each performance was true and honest – so impressed by the level of detail in the research.”

“My favourite part of the performance was the use of movement and sound when Sophie entered Tree. The way dance was used explained science and the idea of cells and DNA in a way that was accessible and creative.”

The project will inspire young minds and potentially lead to future scientific careers.


£2500 will provide transport and resources for every participating child to attend:

  •  A live theatre performance 
  • An Inspiration Day at a museum or art gallery
  • An outcome event at an Arts Centre 

What's next…

Please donate and support us in bringing this fantastic project to 500 children and pledge to sponsor a smile!

If you’re not able to contribute but like what we’re doing, get the word out! Shout about us on twitter (@highlysprung) and Facebook (HighlySprung), whatsapp it to your friends, email it to your colleagues and talk about it your family. And feel free to get in touch!

THANK YOU - From all at Highly Sprung... Here's some smiles to get you started from us to you!


The project has been part-funded by Arts Council England and supported by Warwick Arts Centre, Culture Coventry, Thinktank Birmingham, Coventry City Council and Huntington's Disease Association.


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