one day : Day One - Bristol // an exhibition

by sarazaltash in Bristol

We did it
On 4th November 2015 we successfully raised £822 with 27 supporters in 28 days

Hundreds of people in Bristol have shared their hopes and visions for Day One - help to grow that conversation, own a unique image of hope.

by sarazaltash in Bristol

*** we need £3,200 to bring the exhibition to life and put the faces of Bristol on the gallery wall***

What is one day : Day One - Resilience?

one day : Day One - Resilience is a participatory artwork connecting resilient-thinking, globally, which started here in Bristol this summer.

Our aim is to include as many people as possible living in cities around the world in a shared conversation about our future - whether these are established cities like Bristol, or brand new settlements like the Refugee Camp in Calais.  

There are lots of things that might happen one day. Changes to the environment, to the economy, to the way we work, the way we interact, how we live our lives. How can we be a part of shaping that future? What would you do if this was Day One?

In the summer of 2015, one day : Day One - Resilience started a conversation around these questions all over Bristol - the results are incredible, and worth sharing.

one day : Day One on Cascade Steps in Bristol

From May til September we visited 23 communities all over Bristol with the Day One Dome. We collected over 1000 videos of ordinary people’s hopes, dreams and visions for the future. Participants entered the Dome and (using a special iPad app we created) watched a video  of a question about the future which had been asked by a previous participant. They then recorded an answer video, and also asked their own question, creating a feedback loop of question and answer videos which connected communities all over the city.

You can watch some of these funny, hopeful, thought-provoking and engaging videos on our youtube channel

To grow that conversation, to give people a voice in their own future, we are sharing these videos online, in public spaces, and now, in an exhibition in central Bristol.

And that is where we need your help…


What is this exhibition about?

On our travels, the Day One Team fell in love with the beautiful faces and thoughts of the people we found living in communities all over Bristol. We want to share those visions with you.

The exhibition, called one day : Day One - Bristol, showcases photographic stills from the brightest, boldest and most thought-provoking videos submitted by the everyday people in Bristol who participated in the project.

If we meet our investment target, the exhibition will take place at the stunning John Wesley New Room Methodist Chapel in Broadmead, central Bristol, from 12th-22nd November 2015, with a special exhibition launch event for investors which will feature the Day One dome!

Each photographic still in the exhibition will show the face of a beautiful Bristol person and will have a caption - a statement, a provocation, a dream - of that participant’s hopes for the future. These limited editions prints will be framed and displayed in the chapel. Each image will be dedicated to the investor that has paid for it - that’s you! After the exhibition has ended, we will send your framed print to you, so that you can keep and share a unique vision of Day One. 

The John Wesley New Room is a peaceful and historically significant Methodist chapel in the centre of Bristol’s busy shopping area, which has previously hosted exhibitions from artists such as Jeremy Deller. The team at the New Room are keen to promote creative work that encourages human connectivity and spreads kindness, which is why they contacted one day : Day One - Resilience and we are now contacting you!


So what are you crowdfunding for?

We need £3,200 to bring the exhibition to life and put the faces of Bristol on the gallery wall.

Any extra funds will go towards taking the conversation even further.

Your investment will be used to:

  • Print, frame and hang at least 80 photographs;
  • Print postcards that will be given to investors and sold to raise more funds;
  • Make the exhibition happen and spread the word;

and then any further investment will…

  • Take the conversation to the refugee camps in Europe, to communities where it is needed most.

one day : Day One dome in the Bristol2015 Lab

We are serious about developing one day : Day One in a way that enacts the future. We see our future as being collective, collaborative and connected.

To get the project started we did get a tiny bit of funding, and we have been so grateful! To that cash injection, we added hundreds of hours of unpaid work - and here we are now. By creating this photographic exhibition, we can spread the reach of the conversation and also create tangible artefacts from the project that we can proudly offer to our investors as a direct return.

Also, we are committed to being a zero-waste project. We want to make sure that every thing we produce is useful and well-loved. We share our ideas as freely as possible, online and in person, and now we only produce materials that we will sell. No flyers, no gumph, just word-of-mouth and a piece of hope—filled art that you can keep.


How much shall I invest?

Every investment is a step towards achieving our goal of bringing this hopeful democratic exhibition to the people of Bristol. Anything you can give will be thankfully and gratefully received, and we have lots of great rewards for everyone who gets involved with the project.

Can I invest my time, too?

YES! Help us spread the word about the exhibition via Facebook, Twitter or email.

We are always looking for bright-minded, future-thinking volunteers to help spread the conversation further, so if you want to lend us a bit of your time, then please do get in touch:

With thanks and praise,

the Day One Team


one day : Day One in Bedminster




This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£1 or more

£1 Reward

FRIEND! Be a part of the project for as little as £1, give us a thumbs up and we'll give you a thank you online!

£5 or more

£5 Reward

PARTICIPANT: £5 - Postcard Pack - get your own little piece of one day : Day One - Bristol and help contribute towards making the exhibition happen, and get a big shout out from us on our social media pages.

£25 or more

£25 Reward

PROMOTER: Put a print on the wall! Pledge £25 and get a framed A4 print AND make sure another person will feature in the exhibition, another hope, thought or dream will be shared. Plus you can choose a personalised dedication for your print and we’ll thank you online, too!

£45 or more

£45 Reward

HERO: Pledge £45 and get 2 x framed A4 photographic prints - Double the support for the show AND you get TWO framed prints to take home, TWO personalised dedications at the exhibition, ONE a postcard pack and a HUGE load of online gratitude.

£80 or more

4 of 16 claimed

£80 Reward

CHAMPION: Be the proud owner of an A3 framed print - Limited to only 16, these are the main feature prints at the exhibition. You can put one on the wall and share it with the people of Bristol, before taking it home to keep forever. We’ll be so very grateful, the whole of the internet will know about it.

£500 or more

0 of 4 claimed

£500 Reward

PATRON: You can make this Bristol exhibition a reality by becoming a Patron of the show, and in return you will receive a set of three dedicated prints, be featured in our thanks, our press, online and your name/logo can be featured prominently at the exhibition.

£800 or more

0 of 2 claimed

£800 Reward

HOST: Your chance to host the Day One dome! Be a star supporter and you will receive a set of three dedicated prints, online thanks, inclusion in press & on our website plus logo sponsorship of the show. As well as all of those rewards, our lead artist Sara Zaltash will bring the Day One dome to a venue of your choice in Bristol for a 4 hour session.

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