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The Green Earth Appeal - 'Christmas Gift For Life' 'One Child One Tree' Project. Help us to empower 500 children to plant 10,000 trees

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'Christmas Gift for Life'

The Green Earth Appeal is a Not-For-Profit Social Enterprise, changing lives of some of the planet's poorest communities through tree planting and is one of only 61 worldwide tree planting partners of the United Nations Environment programme. UNEP Partner List

      Empowering 500 children to plant 10,000 trees

As the video in Haiti highlights, trees have significant positive impact on people’s lives. The project in Haiti seen above is one which The Green Earth Appeal has previously supported with pledges from people like you.

Having already planted trees on behalf of celebrity chefs, Marco Pierre White and James Martin as well as organisations such as The British Council, The NHS and The Body Shop, The Green Earth Appeal is now looking to garner support this Christmas to change the lives of 500 children in Mamfe, SW Cameroon, through the 'One Child One Tree Project'. 

How can you help? Your pledge of just £1 guarantees a single tree will be planted on your behalf through the 'One Child One Tree' project. Each tree you plant can be gifted to a friend, family member, through our online Christmas gift service by sending a personalised "Tree Planting Certificate", making a perfect Christmas gift. Simply giving a 'Christmas gift for life' to a loved one you are also giving to the children of Mamfe, the Cameroon Community and the planet.



Our project with Caesars Entertainment, Food For Thought has been endorsed at the highest environmental levels;


The ‘One Child One Tree’ project is a community based tree planting project proposal in Mamfe, approximately 140 miles from Buea, in the Manyu region, South West Cameroon. The Green Earth Appeal is committed to raising funds to enable 500+ school children aged between 6-11 to plant 10,000 trees.The children will receive practical training and environmental education from qualified staff at a local centre run by United Action for Children (UAC) and international volunteers.


International Volunteers from the USA and Europe with the UAC project team and community members.



In the Manyu Region , 51% of the population is living below the poverty line. The local people have been resorting to cutting trees as the only way of survival and this has led to deforestation and degradation in the area. In turn inadequate intervention in development projects and biting poverty is evident. Many parents are subsistence growers and rely on their children to work the land, which in turn deprives them of an education. Many children in the project now receive sponsorship which enables them to attend school and participate in the 'One Child One Tree' project.

This project will make a real contribution towards ensuring children are empowered to participate in natural resource protection, environmental enhancement, sustainable economic well being at the individual and community level.


                       Many of the children are sponsored through pledges to enable them to attend school.




The 10,000 trees will be planted in several areas around Mamfe’s main centre. Including the centre’s yard and a 5 hectare area of land which is designated for reforestation via the 'One Child One Tree' project.











Currently, children have few resources available to them to actively grow trees. Without the appropriate resources sustainability of projects like this is problematic. The children have shown a genuine desire to plant and take care of the trees. With your pledge the children will be provided with the resources and all the ongoing training to plant 10,000 trees. Initially, saplings will be sourced by local growers with the intention that the centre will invest in establishing their own nursery to sustain the project fully. This in turn will provide opportunities for children to learn about biodiversity and enterprise skills.


Project summary

 As the world struggles with the consequences of global warming and climate change, every effort toward facilitating environmental protection is worthwhile. More so, whereas global and national macro-interventions are largely important, there is a need to support and promote micro-interventions that encourage engagements of communities to promote environmental protection. It is vital that children are empowered to play their part in protecting the environment, by being good stewards and learning about the ecosystem.

Here children are learning skills such as growing plants from seeds and how to conserve the environment.












An overview of the proposed 'One Child one Tree' Project

Major goal:

To promote participatory micro-interventions based on individual children for environmental conservation and protection.

Specific Objectives

  • To engage children in landscaping and tree planting
  • To equip children with knowledge and skills on environmental protection and preservation
  • To learn skills of how to use the environment profitably while protecting it.
  • To increase the green cover by undertaking tree planting in the compound.
  • To create and promote self-sustaining environmentalism/clubs in the centre.

Expected results:

  • The centre will be equipped with nursery beds.
  • Children of the neighbouring primary schools will be mentored.
  • Ten thousand trees will be planted within the area of coverage and Mamfe town.
  • Environmental youth clubs will be established at the centre.


Target Group

The project will primarily target school children aged between 6-11.


The Project Description

The overall idea underlying this project is to enhance children’s awareness, knowledge, and skills to help them make informed decisions that affect environmental quality. The project is designed to empower children, educating them to become independent eco-learners and instruments of sustainable change. The children will play an integral part in helping to achieve the objectives of the project. The ultimate output to be achieved at the end of its implementation is that children will be empowered with knowledge and motivation to be good environmental stewards and that at least 10,000 trees will have been planted within the centre and allocated reforestation land surrounding Mamfe town.



Centre Habitat: This will be the main location for project activity and where children will assemble for their training and development. The workshops will be conducted by project staff at the centre, where children will receive formal education about the environment. The children will work in small groups/teams for tree planting and participate in environment Clubs coordinated by the centre management.

Sensitization and training workshop: Two months sensitization and workshops will be held for children to inform them on the role of trees on environmental conservation. Children will be provided with hands on training in tree planting and sustainable management of 10,000 trees. (‘A child who finds difficulties in growing trees, will find difficulties in destroying it’).


With your pledge of £1 you are providing a 'Christmas Gift for life' and enabling 500 children to plant 10,000 trees. With your pledge of £1 the Green Earth Appeal can support the sustainability of the 'One Child One Tree' Project.





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