One | A contemporary artistic exploration of race

by The Yellow Box Theatre in London, England, United Kingdom


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An original series of theatre and dance pieces exploring concepts of self, heritage and connection; alongside talks and stories from Brixton

by The Yellow Box Theatre in London, England, United Kingdom

The yellow box theatre is a Brixton-based independent theatre company, inspired to do theatre differently. 

We are launching a new art project called “One” exploring the concepts of self, heritage and connection in today’s Britain. The focus of this project is to look at the journeys that bring us together while embracing the wholeness of one’s sense of self and heritage. 

The project consists of an original series of filmed theatre and dance pieces alongside interviews of experts and testimonials from local people in Brixton. The project will be explorative in nature rather than prescriptive, aiming to open a dialogue in our community and to articulate, through arts, a conversation around 'race'.


Our project aims to:

  • Build a more resilient community in Brixton with deeper connections, both to one another and to Brixton’s rich heritage
  • Reflect the diversity of contemporary Britain using arts and culture as an educational tool
  • Support local artists’ ambitions, talents and skills during these turbulent times
  • Engage with young people to encourage self-expression and civic pride


The production:

Our project is a contemporary artistic exploration about race. It will consist of an original series of filmed monologues, dialogues and dance pieces looking at the concepts of self, heritage and connection. We are engaging with emerging talents and local artists to build a stronger sense of community connection and to reflect the voices of Brixton’s community. The creative industry is facing turbulent times due to the impact of covid-19, and so we intend to display the positive force that the arts represent for our community's self-expression, resilience and pride.

The campaign:

Our filmed productions will be supported by an advocacy for self-reflection. We will be conducting expert interviews and writing articles that explore people’s personal journeys, with a focus on Brixton’s community and history. In doing so, we hope to build a connection between creativity, self-reflection, community and faith. Most importantly, we want to establish an open dialogue in our community about 'race' and create a deeper understanding of Brixton’s history.


  • Filming and production
  • Cast and creative team
  • Set and design


As a theatre company, we:

  • Produce work exploring wonder and complexity in 'ordinary' lives.
  • Discover new writers and nurture their distinctive voice in contemporary theatre.
  • Create a thought-provoking, socially engaging campaign around each production.
  • Have a collaborative approach to theatre-making.


The team: 

Ruth Allier-Dugale - Director & Producer

Roshi Thevasagayam - Editor

Noah Lepoittevin -Assistant producer

Jen Holden & Katie Ayton - Set Designers

Campaign and advocacy officer - Abbie Ayton 

Artists: Sheba Kabubi, Isaac Tendo, Noah Lepoittevin, Sarah Rabone and others.

Get in touch:

Please have a look at our website for any further information.

Do not hesitate to email us at [email protected] with any questions.

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