On Universal Credit LCWRA then got section 21

by Philip Sempers in Gillingham, England, United Kingdom

On Universal Credit LCWRA then got section 21


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In the time I have lived in this shared house the police have been out over 10 times and landlord does nothing. Now I've been served an s21.

by Philip Sempers in Gillingham, England, United Kingdom

I have been living in a shared house for the last 5 or 6 years now. In that time I have had to put up with drug addicts and alcoholics physically and verbally abusing me. The police have been out over 10 times and now if I call 999 and place an urgent call with them because some nutcase is kicking in my front door they don't even show up. I am signed off work by the DWP and my GP and claim Universal Credit LCWRA. I have been trying for the last 5 years at least to get out of this property but everywhere just wants a guarantor for a flat of my own. Medway Council has been given three letters from my diabolical (at the time) GP surgery who instantly dismissed them. Giving me some generic excuse like they are not good enough. Then in the end my GP surgery lied to me claiming Medway Council had asked them not to write them any letters? I have been through a whole homeless application with them and also Homechoice and both times denied despite medical evidence. Granted the letters my GP wrote at the time looked like they were made by a 5-year-old and had no "in my own medical opinion" in there just "Philip said this" and "Philip said that". Meanwhile, my health and mental well being is taking a nosedive. I have an OCD paranoid schizophrenic living upstairs who once tried to lock me out of my own house and a crack head girl who is always bringing troubled men around here. I need to get out of here one way or another and crowdfunding seems like the only way now. No charity or government agency can help me get a flat that might get me back on my feet after years of living in a tiny box room afraid to open the door and use the kitchen or bathroom because there might be arguments. On top of all this, I have a court case to decide the fate of my 3 children in January as their mum died last year so they have been living with her sister. I was prevented from seeing them because of where I lived and now I am still here. So with this Crowdfunder, I hope to get enough to cover 12 months rent in advance so there will be no need for a guarantor. A local estate agent lists this as something they do in promotions I've seen. I have an appointment with the council on the 26th but I am not holding much hope of getting any help. I have much more to say about things that have happened and will post more here. Thanks for looking anyway, Phil.

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