On Track

We're crowdfunding for a motorsport tv series with a difference, strap yourselves in, we're here for one hell of a ride!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Welcome to Our Crowdfunding Page, strap yourselves in, we're here for one hell of a ride!

On Track is the brainchild of Broadcast Award nominated Producer/Director Benjamin Field and sets the challenge of taking 2 novice drivers and over the course of 6 x 1hr episodes turning them into fully qualified racing drivers to be pitted against each other in a round of the Endurance RS Championship.

The Drivers


Driver 1: Joanna F Benz

Jo is a blogger and Motorbike aficionado making a name for herself within the motorcycling community across all platforms of Social Media. Currently she is being offered bikes by a wide number of sources all vying for her attention as her natural appeal to those who read her posts and admire her pictures. While Jo is quite used to the adrenaline fuelled acceleration of 2 wheels she readily accepts that her 4 wheeled driving style is not quite as hot. "I currently drive an automatic, which is quite boring" she admits but she has feverently admired the skills of 4 wheeled motor racing since a young age and with this TV Series she hopes to finally be able to get to grips will the thrills 4 wheeled motorsport has to offer.

Driver 2: You?

Now, you see this is where things become interesting.

We're on the search for our 2nd driver. We need to find someone who has a similar skill level to Jo. In order to do this we are opening up the opportunity to be one of our drivers by taking part in the Crowdfunder campaign. Pledge £100 and you will be invited to our driver selection day, which will be filmed and will feature heavily in our first episode. If you manage to come closest to Jo's laptime you will be selected to feature as our second driver. The end result being you will compete against her in our finale, a round of the Endurance RS championship.

Where Will It Be Aired?

We currently have commitment from a local broadcaster in the UK and we have interest from 4 others. Details about this will be released as soon as we are able.

Why Are We Crowdfunding?

We're crowdfunding because, as I'm sure you know, motorsport is expensive. Caterham F1 crowdfunded nearly 20 times the amount we're looking for to just enter one F1 race. They didn't have to make the programme aswell... Unfortunately, while we're able to boast one broadcaster, they are not able to offer enough financial backing for us to put the show together with enough time and resources. So, rather than doing something badly we figured we'd do it well instead and that's where crowdfunding has come in.

The Production Team

Producer/Director: Benjamin Field

Ben is the founder of Holomedia and has been involved with Film and TV since the age of 16. Trained at an early age by Sony, Ben has directed work for BBC 1, CBeebies and across multiple international channels. He has also worked alongside some of the largest corporations in the world including HTC, Yota and Forbes 

Producer: Andy Demetriou

Andy ran his own company for some 30  specialising in satellite TV broadcasting and production working for and with many leading national and International Broadcasters such as the BBC, Channel 4, Fox News, Sky TV, CNN & CNBC. Having a multi skilled background in cameras, lighting, sound recording and editing. Andy has the ability to direct himself in a variety of situations and understanding all aspects of capturing great video.


In Detail

The show, presented by Britcar and Le Mans presenter Rachael Downie, would be location based and would move around the sites which the programme visits. While both drivers would have individual tutors and mechanics they would also tour the country and gain experience from some of the top flight drivers and racers from different areas of motor sport, the aim of which is to make them as well rounded as possible. This would include some technical and mechanical knowledge too. 

The Race


                The race that the drivers would be entered into would be Class 5.

The Tutors

                Ben Demetriou

Ben started racing at the end 2004 with the Porsche club championship , run by Porsche Club GB . He purchased a 1979 Porsche 911 SC race car and competed in Class 3, winning the Class championship and finishing 2nd overall in 2005 . An engine upgrade to 204BHP moved him into class 2 for 2006 where he finished 4th overall. In 2007 he ran with a 944 S2, winning the Class championship and finishing 3rd overall. A move to Class 1, driving a 968CS and running with Summit preparation in 2008 led him to finishing third overall.


                Tutor 2: TBA


The show would look slick and fast paced, much like the sport itself, taking its lead from motoring programmes such as Top Gear we would make the show look sexy and enjoyable to watch as much for its mis-en-scene as it is for its content.

We would look to include as much on board footage as we can, taken from GoPro cameras and mix that with Black Magic Cameras and a RED epic.

The Future

The hope is that this format could be repeated, with new novice racers each series. The locations for the learning could become more international and have a wider reach.