To get a message out there to people who feel there is no way out to know they are not alone.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I started to sing just three years ago.  I didn't realise I had a voice or the confidence to take it anywhere.  I have a story in a song and feel  I have something to be shared internationally.

I started to sing in the spring of 2013.   My mum and dad were a massive part of my courage bringing me up with love and support all through my life.  Music is and has always been a massive part of our lives.      I tragically lost my mum very suddenly in February 2014 and found that I needed to keep singing to keep close to her and to keep my head straight.     Losing a parent so quickly changes life immediately,    I feel that I can now live my life on my own terms,  a stronger person, making decisions without feelings of guilt.   I have gone through some very difficult times  and told this in the story of my song "On my own terms".

With the help and support of my tutor this song helped me to become stronger and become able to control my life as I want and not allow others to take advantage of my nature. 

My ambition is to get a message out there to people who feel that they are not in control of their own destiny and held back by influences in their life - to know there is a way out.    We can become in charge of our own destiny and know you are not on your own.

I feel that my story and performance  can reach out to many people, women and men alike.   I don't know what it would cost but I want to be able to protect the rights, donate my time to give inspirational talks and at the same time know that my determination to survive is worth something,

Thank you for your time reading my story.

Thank you in advance for donating me.  I look forward to the next part of this journey.

I'd love for you all to be part of my story........

Any questions please email me.