ON~ICE Cocktail Bar

ON~ICE  Cocktail Bar

Premium cocktails. Professional mixologists. Help fund this mission to finally have an independent cocktail bar in Southwater, Telford!

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ON~ICE, a new destination cocktail bar in Southwater, Telford, will offer an extensive menu of premium, classic and new cocktails (and mocktails!) in addition to wines, sparkling wines, beers, spirits, and soft drinks. The cocktails will be made by the best professional mixologists, recruited from across the country.

ON~ICE will serve tapas during the day, just right for business lunches or friends meeting up during the week, and perfect for families and friends at the weekends! Each evening we will become a fully operating bar, open to aged 21 and over.

We want to finally bring a cocktail bar to the new Southwater development in Telford, to give working professionals and others a sophisticated place to socialise and also a great venue to go after eating in the surrounding restaurants. We undertook a public a survey earlier this year and received nearly 2,000 hugely positive responses in less than 24 hours! It's now our mission to create Telford's first and very own cocktail bar...


The ON~ICE Team

The leader of the ON~ICE mission is an independent entrepeneur, passionate about great food and drink. He has a wealth of experience managing restaurants and is driven to deliver a destination venue which has a vibrant atmosphere every day of the week.

His team of mixologists will be at the heart of ON~ICE. These cocktail gurus will make your drinks skillfully and maybe even quicker than you can say them! Premium cocktails, classic cocktails, new and unique cocktails, and of course mocktails too.

The authentic tapas menu will be created and delivered by professional Spanish chefs. These guys can cook the most amazing and tastiest food, with a range of dishes to suit the largest or smallest of appetites. All served by highly trained waiting staff, warm welcoming and attentive to your food and drink needs.


Why ON~ICE Needs YOU!

  • The cost of opening ON~ICE is approximately £280,000 - this includes installing all equipment in the bar and kitchen, all of the furnishings, fixtures, fittings and decor - basically the costs of turning a newly built shell into a "must visit" bar.
  • We already have secured working capital of £140,000 towards this mission.
  • So, now we need to raise a further £140,000.
  • Every single donation, no matter how large or small will be crucial in bringing ON~ICE closer to opening!

  • If you are passionate about the opening of ON~ICE, please take a look at our rewards and consider pledging!
  • Money will NOT be taken unless the target amount is reached.
  • Please also share with as many like-minded family, friends and colleagues as possible.




  • Do you wish there was a great new "destination" bar in the Southwater Development?

  • Would you like an alternative food offering to the current Italian and Grill-type restaurants there?

  • Would you like to see an independent venue, rather than another chain, based in one of the newly-built units in Southwater?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions then please help bring ON~ICE to Telford!


For any other queries you can contact ON~ICE by emailing: