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OMNOM goes beyond food, meditation and yoga. We give back to those who need it most, by feeding a child in need for every meal and class.

by OMNOM in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

As a not-for-profit organisation, our mission and vision is to help all those we can. All pledges above our base target will be used in aiding us to reach out to more people and provide more meals to those in need (both locally and abroad), doing everything we can to broaden our support.

OmNom is a grassroots movement building a community of positive change.

Using ancient Eastern philosophy and diets, OmNom aims to bring you a taste of that divine lifestyle in today’s modern age. Not only a restaurant providing soul-nourishing food, OmNom is also a wellness space offering a range of yoga classes and events to give you an all in one experience that will rejuvenate and nourish your belly, body, mind and soul.


The impact of COVID-19 

The global COVID-19 pandemic has created a very uncertain landscape for millions of British small businesses, especially those within the hospitality sector. Being in the heart of London's Islington, we've been reliant on the tradition bustling streets of London many of us are accustomed to. However with the ever-changing restrictions and the drastic reduction of visitors to central London, unfortunately, we like many others, have experienced a substantial decrease in guests.

We need your help so we can whether this storm and continue living our passion to serve others, especially those in need. 


Exclusive rewards

If you would like to be a part of helping OmNom survive the crises, it is now part of the Pay It Forward campaign, which has been implemented by the Mayor of London. Here you can pay in advance (with the benefit of exclusive offers) and look forward to our dining experiences. This initiative will help us keep our doors open and nourish others during a time when it's needed most.


How your contribution will be used

At OmNom we're a family and therefore, any money raised through voucher offers or advance bookings will help generate the cash we need to keep this family together at 'Om', cover our fixed monthly bills and enable us to keep our doors open.

A top priority will be to ensure the financial wellbeing of our staff. Our chefs and hosts make are the heart of our beautiful space and are who make OmNom what it is today. We'll be able to honour our commitments to our partners and suppliers that underpin the quality with which we strive to serve our guests. Additionally, we have a number of fixed costs which, with your help, we can continue to satisfy and keep our doors open for you to join us freely.

If you would like to help OmNom get through this enormously challenging time, please help by purchasing a voucher or dining experience to look forward to. It would mean the world to the whole family and beyond.

Thank you!

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