Ommani Autism Dorset Social Project

by Ommani Autism in Broadstone, England, United Kingdom

Ommani Autism Dorset Social Project
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We want to create spaces and services that meet the needs of autistic adults in the community

by Ommani Autism in Broadstone, England, United Kingdom

We are a social enterprise founded to make a difference in the community. We believe good access to services in the local community is highly important for people’s well-being.

As an organisation with significant control by an autistic adult the recent findings in Panorama were highly shocking and highlighted the importance society play’s in people’s lives. Equally as an autistic adult myself, I feel I have a duty to share what I know

Exclusion leads to isolation and high risk of abuse or poor practice

Inclusion leads to greater visibility, understanding and opportunity.

We know that budget cuts are causing people to only receive basic care, this is creating more problems affecting people’s mental health everyone deserves to have all their needs met and social needs are just as important as personal care or medical needs.

Barriers such as access and quality of training, services and support systems cannot be allowed to hamper the provision of the care people need and deserve.

At Ommani we want to provide the best possible care for everyone we meet, If all you need is 2 hours companionship a week to support you to live your life to the fullest or you need our support 24/7 365 days a year nothing is too small or too big. No-one should go without the support they need.

As providers of specialist care to autistic adults we aim to provide a service that ensures people are included and valued.

We want to create a place where people can go have a cup of coffee or let of some steam in a soft play area designed for all ages and abilities, spending time relaxing in a sensory room or chatting with friends in a communal area. Developing their skills through work experience and meaningful jobs.

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