Ollie and his Super Powers

Ollie and his Super Powers

To have an Ollie Coach in every school in the UK helping children to learn to manage their emotions to become the best version of themselves

We did it!

On 12th May 2017 we successfully raised £1,886 with 24 supporters in 56 days

Making the Ollie Concept available to everyone


The Ollie Concept is a simplistic but powerful way of giving children back control of their emotions rather than being controlled by them. Children get frustrated at trying to get it right and not having the language to express what they are truly feeling. Emotions are not like organs in our body - they have no form and so a child has trouble identifying with these mystical things! By making our emotions super powers - giving them form, we can disassociate the issue from the child and give the child control over the feeling or super power. It’s so so simple but the results we are seeing and hearing about from parents and teachers are amazing.

The Ollie books are flying as they help adults as well as kids to take back control and decide what they want to feel. Kids are happier - parents are calmer! And best of all, according to a 7 year old, Ollie is ridding the UK of the Naughty Steps! Kids decide what they want to feel instead!

 We already have Ollie coaches in schools, working with the police and foster care.  This is really taking flight but I am a lone therapist who needed a solution to helping kids.  I created it.  We are self-funding and doing our best to get our coaches to the kids that need us. 

We now need additional funding to help us get to those kids. If you go to  https://www.ollieandhissuperpowers.com/  you will see who I am and what I want to achieve for our kids. We need financial help now to train more coaches to assist schools and hospitals, and to fund our coaches time to work with the kids and adults tasked with their care.

We are teaching kids empathy - not just how to spell it - but to live by it.  Imagine a world where kids get empathy.  We are making it happen. Every donation, no matter the size, will mean we can help another child here in our country, in our families.

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