Supporting the homeless through eco dog products

by Natalie in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 28th January 2020 we successfully raised £2,040 with 24 supporters in 56 days

Changing the way we think about the homeless through the sale of sustainable, local and beautiful dog products. Dogs don't discriminate!

by Natalie in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target


The extra money would enable a platform to begin to scope and host out events and key project initiatives to help raise more money for homeless charities. These events will be open to the public with the aim to have an enjoyable day as well as raising funds for a great cause. 

As well as events, partnerships with homeless charities will be explored with a focus on using dogs safely as rehabilitation methods for the homeless, to give purpose and happiness. 

Hope you're having a woofing good day! 

Did you know there's approximately 320,000 homeless people in the UK and 130,000 of them are children!? And, the average lifespan of a homeless person is 44 years old (

Thank you for taking a look at our page, here at Olive & Berry we sell products for dogs that are beautiful, sustainable and doing good in this world, a % of our profits are used to support the homeless.

And this is why we're crowdfunding, please read on to find out more about us and to see how the money will be spent.  

Our why:

I'm Natalie, the founder of Olive & Berry, having worked for corporate giants most of my career, I’ve very much felt out of place. My heart lies with UK independent businesses that are trying to do good in this world and solving real life important issues.

Inspired by my two cheeky black Labradors (Olive & Berry) and my love of interior design, Olive & Berry was born! 

Selling products is fun but it's also a tool to generate money for something very close to my heart; as you can see above, there's too many people in the UK that need our support. We can sell dog beds until the cows (or dogs) come home but what good is that if we have many people in our country who don't even have a bed! 

*Picture above - Olive & Berry the inspiration for the brand 

What we do and why we do it...

There's two initiatives for me that run through the heart of the business; 

The first, is around making a better life for others...

Too many people are struggling to find a way to live and they say you are only one pay packet away from becoming homeless. If it wasn’t for our friends and extended family my own family would have been homeless. If you have been there you will know how stressful it is! 

As the business is in its infancy, the saved profits will be spent on supporting local homeless charities by buying products they desperately need. As the business grows and we create a bigger revenue stream, I want to really start thinking about how I can partnership with these organisations. I do believe that dogs can increase your happiness and purpose in life and therefore we should find a way to use this to help others. 

Your pledged money will be used to grow this pot of money so I can start to approach these organisations to do something bigger and better with them. Ideas I have had are doggy charity events, training programs for the homeless with the use of dogs, schools for the homeless, early help programs etc. All through the safe use of dogs. We can get very creative here!

Dogs don’t discriminate you see and people matter! 


Supporting the homeless is really important but I want to do this through the sale of products that focus on reducing the carbon footprint. 

Our dog beds are filled with recycled plastic bottles, our packaging is recyclable and we reuse cardboard boxes and tissue paper from other companies for customers orders. We try and source/ manufacture all of our products locally in the UK or EU too. 


How can you help?

By donating to this pledge (which we can’t thank you enough) you will be helping the business raise the funds it needs to get the brand out there via marketing, PR, social media & trade fairs. I have converted an old horse box, so this is our shop for the time being. 

The revenue from this will in turn mean we have the money to develop more new exciting sustainable products to aid the revenue growth. The more sales we make, the more we can support the homeless as we will have a bigger pot of money to share around and the influence to secure partnerships with the right homeless charities, this will really make a difference and this is the best bit! 

I will continue to work alongside a full-time job, so my own funds will be added to the pledge funds too. 

I (we, including the pooches) promise to ensure your money is well spent, investing it into the right areas to support and sustain our planet and to give back to the community through charity work. 

Lets stop walking past!


Recycled Plastic Bottle Duvet:

Slogan Recycled Plastic Bottle Bed:

Dog Toy Tennis Ball:


Love Natalie, Olive & Berry xx




This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more

10% off online & Deodorant for homeless charity

10% off anything online at and we will also give a bottle of deodorant to a local homeless charity

£2 or more

5% off anything online

5% off anything online at

£10 or more

20% off online & toothpaste and brush for homeless

Thank you, get 20% off anything online at We will also donate 1x tube of toothpaste and 1x toothbrush for a local homeless charity for this pledge

£20 or more

Dog Toy, 20% off online & Toilet Roll for homeless

A free Olive & Berry Tennis Ball and 20% off anything online at plus we will donate a pack of toilet rolls for a local homeless charity.

£50 or more

Small Dog Bed & Deodorant for homeless charity

Get a small Olive & Berry Slogan Dog Bed (made out of recycled plastic bottles) plus we will donate 5x deodorants for a local homeless charity for this pledge.

£70 or more

A medium dog bed & first aid packs for homeless

Get a medium slogan dog bed (made out of recycled plastic bottles) plus we will donate 8x first aid packs to a local homeless charity. The packs include bandages, antiseptic wipes & plasters.

£90 or more

Large dog bed & socks for a homeless

Get a large slogan dog bed (made out of recycled plastic bottles). Plus, we will donate 10x pairs of warm socks for a local homeless charity.

£100 or more

0 of 10 claimed

Dog Duvet, 10% off & a blanket to the homeless

Get one of our sustainable dog duvets filled with recycled plastic bottles. One side of the duvet is lilac and the other side is charcoal, perfect to match any home. Embroidered with two quirky slogans on the duvet, 'Shhh...I'm Sleeping and I've Had a Ruff Day'. Please see the duvets on Plus, get 10% off anything online! We will also donate a blanket to a local homeless charity.

£150 or more

0 of 10 claimed

Dog Bed, 20% off & 5x ultimate homeless packages

Get an Olive & Berry slogan sustainable dog bed filled with recycled plastic bottles, in cosy rose or sky blue colour. Embroidered with a cheeky slogan on the side. Plus, get 20% off anything online! We will also donate 5x ultimate homeless packages to a local homeless charity. These packages include blanket, toilet rolls, first aid kit, shower gel, toothpaste, tampons and socks. Please see bed size guide online at

£300 or more

0 of 20 claimed

The Ultimate Package

Thank you! In this package you will get the ultimate doggy package for you and your furry friend plus give the ultimate package to a local homeless charity too. The doggy package includes a dog duvet or bed in medium, dog treats, dog toy, dog poop bag holder, poop bags & sustainable travel bowl. We will also donate 10x homeless packages which include a blanket, toilet rolls, shower gel, toothpaste, tampons, first aid pack and socks.

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