Oliur Rahman for MP

Oliur Rahman for MP

#Time4Change #Oliur4MP I am asking for your support for my election campaign- I am standIng for people of Poplar and Limehouse

We did it!

On 29th May 2017 we successfully raised £850 with 15 supporters in 28 days


As a Tower Hamlets resident whose daughter goes to a local school, someone who lives and have grown up here, I am standing in the General Election on 8 June in Poplar and Limehouse constituency.

I am requesting your help and support.

Please help me and my election campaign by donating whatever you can.

Although many of us have been Labour and left-wing supporters all our lives sometimes we need to do what is right for the local people.

Poplar & Limehouse needs a more community-oriented and approachable local MP who will keep their interests at heart and be their true voice. I am standing here to be your voice in Westminster - not the other way round.

I can't match the established parties pound for pound, but I’m convinced I can campaign street to street and door to door with your help.

Should I have the resources to put my own message across we could win this political fight for a genuine left-wing and community focussed voice in the parliament.

This is where you come in.

I’m asking you - friends, families and supporters to make a little contribution – if you can spare £5, £10 or £20, it will add up to give us the campaign fund that I need to stand up for local people.

Even when no one really knew me, I came third in Poplar and Limehouse many years ago when I stood here as a younger person.

I intend to campaign harder in this short campaign.


Many tiny drops make a mighty ocean so every single donation counts.

Together, We Can.

Thank you for your support.

Oliur Rahman


Please note:

I can't accept any donations made anonymously. All required donations will be reported to the Electoral Commission/Returning Officer for transparency reasons.

If no informaton is available on donors, this donation will be declined.

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