old how to apple for extra funds

How does it work?

We have money to give away from our amazing national and local partners. They want to support ideas that help communities, support wellbeing, work towards a better environment, reward innovation and supercharge business ideas.

The Extra funding team need to know about what great things you are doing before you start the application process, so follow this simple step by step guide to get started...

1. Set up your project

To see if you fit the criteria, you will need to complete at least the 'basics' and 'story' sections. Remember, our partners won't be able to tell if you are eligible for the fund until they see what awesome things you are trying to do. This can be best portrayed through your project page.

2. Click 'Get extra funding' button in your dashboard

If your project is eligible for any of the funds available, you will see some prompts to apply. The next step is to click the 'Get extra funding' button shown here...


3. Read 'Show full criteria' 

You will now see a list of funds that might be available for your project. Please take the time to read the eligibility criteria before applying. If you think you fit the bill, click the apply button shown here...


4. Fill out the application form and submit

Once you have submitted your application, the Extra funding team will be in touch to let you know if your application has been successful.