Old Ford Studio

Project by justin allen
Old Ford Studio

Creating an affordable mid range menswear brand that is cheaper than the current offerings from labels such as Paul Smith, Folk, YMC, etc

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The funding is for a menswear fashion label called Old Ford Studio which is based in East London.

It will pay for patterns, production and stock. These will be shown on the 24th-25th Jan at a trade show in London called Jacket Required. This show is popular for domestic and international buyers to visit and pick up new brands. 

While waiting for the trade show the collection will be sold from Old Spitalfields market and a few carefully chosen independent stores. This will give instant turnover, waiting for the wholesale side of the business to get going.  

I've included a a few pics of the Spring/Summer 2016 collection which was on sale at Odells in Shoreditch.  We sold out of everything producing a very small run with production in England. The collection also previewed at jacket Required 2016. John Lewis had two seperate buyers approach asking about capacity. Financially the business could not have supported that kind of order at that stage.

Journal Standard which stock Paul Smith, YMC, Folk etc have 26 stores throughout Japan and are regarded as the leading destination for men's contemporary fashion. They were also extremely interested and wanted to place an order.  

All of this was very encouraging leading me to fly to Turkey and arrange relevent production at good prices. I now have very good production at low cost with excellent quality control.


The aim is to produce clothing which is as good as, if not better than the mid market (Paul Smith, YMC, Oliver Spencer, Folk, Nigel Hall etc) at a better price point. These are established brands and cannot lessen their image by reducing prices. This gives me a great advantage and a clearly defined goal going forward. Being an East London label gives a nice edge to the brand and comes without the usual price tag.



Having been a buyer and retailer of designer brands for over 15 years I know what sells.  I'm very confident of producing clothing that people will buy. 

Men are now more likely to purchase affordable brands but have a lack of choice. This is where Old Ford Studio comes in!


Wholesale buyers will love a cheaper mid range product which still has the credentials to sit along side the labels mentioned above.

From years of experience I know what a buyer is looking for when selecting product for stores.

The ‘just donate’ button is very humbling and I really wouldn’t expect anyone to press that without receiving some kit!

My passion is to create clothing that fits well and looks so good that people want to buy it. This is my buzz. 

If you see something you like from the pics and get the gist of the style then I promise you will not be disappointed when choosing a ‘reward’.

This way you get a nice bit of kit at a good price and I get investment.

Everyone’s a winner! x



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