Old Crown Pub

Old Crown Pub

To convert this tired landmark into a craft beer palace!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The landmark pub currently sits in a prime location on Highgate Hill but is operating at with barely any annual profit - statistics that are reflected in the poor selection of food and beverage, quality of overnight accommodation and general atmosphere. We are looking to use our current life savings and the profit from selling our house to purchase the leasehold and refurbish the pub... but still need the help!

Our vision is of 30-50 beer pumps and taps, hundreds of bottles, a takeaway/off license service, great food, good people and a beer terrace that would be the envy of the whole of Highgate. The place is in dire need of a refurbishment and a whole new approach to what it serves. Through community events and promotions, this establishment would be what we consider to be the perfect blend of country pub (it has two open log fires) and city boozer. More importantly, unlike many pubs that specialise in craft/real ales and ciders, we will not discriminate against customers who would rather buy a branded lager (although there won't be too many to choose from at the bar!) or bottle of fizz.

We are seeking to run this independently, allowing our own passion and focus to be directly in control of the day-to-day running of the pub, not forgetting that the local and wider community are the most important thing when managing a London pub. By offering a range of fantastic rewards for donations, we hope to show that pub culture is very much alive and that loyalty and generosity does not go unnoticed.