Ok Chef - Instant delivery recipe box service

Project by Toye Oloyede

Ok Chef is an instant delivery recipe box service delivering pre-portioned recipe boxes and cards within 60 minutes.

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This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 6:52pm 30th September 2018

This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 6:52pm 30th September 2018

Hello, I'm a young entrepreneur from London looking to create a subscription-free instant delivery recipe box Service called Ok Chef. The funds raised will be used to locate an Innovation and brand development consultancy to carry out duties listed below:

Stage 1: Sector research

Stage 2: Brand workshop

Stage 3: Strategy creation

Stage 4: Commercials and business planning

Stage 5: Chef identification

Stage 6: Ingredients sourcing

Stage 7: Production kitchen options

Stage 8: Videographer identification

Stage 9: Technical packaging solution

Stage 10: Marketing plan


Once registered, customers have access to view 2-minute instructional cooking videos listed on the current month’s menu. Customers then have the option to order a 2 or 4 plate pre-portioned recipe box containing fresh ingredients, recipe card, a bowl of Salad and the customers chosen side delivered within 60 minutes or for a future date. 

The name Ok Chef is based on the hand gesture that represents “Ok”. This is aimed to show customers the 3 simple steps it takes to use the service. The first step is to “Watch” a tutorial video. The second step is to “Order” your chosen recipe box and finally “Cook” your meal. 

Business Aims / Mission

Ok Chef aims to teach individuals how to prepare a new meal at home without the worry of shopping, ingredient measurement and food waste. Recipe boxes will contain measured ingredients for the number of meals chosen.

Eating healthily is a goal for most people, but often a difficult one to regularly achieve. Work and family responsibilities often make time scarce and it's easier to go out to restaurants or prepare ready-made meals at home. 

Research shows that most individuals are looking for a service where they do not have to spend much time on tasks. Ok Chef tackles that key aspect of people’s life’s specifically by having all the ingredients and resources needed to make the meal without the need for the customer to go looking for ingredients/resources.

What makes Ok Chef Different

Ok Chef offers several advantages to its target market:

  •  Relatively inexpensive meal preparation: approx. £23 for a four-person meal.
  • Instant delivery
  • Convenient 
  • No shopping, no waste,
  • Meals made within 35 minutes
  • Quick tutorial videos
  • Reducing stress around meal preparation
  • Making it easier to decide what to make for dinner.
  • Less money spent on fast food
  • Subscription free recipe box service

Ok Chef provides customers with a takeaway style service to recipe boxes. Low-cost monthly delivery subscription gives customers more flexibility with orders.

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