Our Future, Our Choice (OFOC)

by Lara A Spirit in United Kingdom


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Our generation doesn't want this Brexit mess. We're fighting against it - but we need your support.

by Lara A Spirit in United Kingdom

Tony Golding 14th May 2019

It’s not the “Will of the people”, it’s the “Will of the pensionistas”! The inter-generational divide that is at the heart of Brexit has only peripherally figured in the debate that has consumed this country for the past three years. Those who had not reached middle age voted by a large majority to stay in the European Union. Among 18-25 year olds, support for Remain was even stronger. The adult experience of those who are now under 40 has been dominated by the internet and easy travel. Consequently, they see the world very differently from the older generation - as a connected entity that needs to come together to solve problems like climate change. Putting up barriers of any kind makes no sense to them. By the time the full impact of Brexit is felt, the generations that voted in favour will be gone or retired, leaving those who are now young to contend with a future they patently did not choose and do not want. Before the referendum no one knew for certain that those under 45 would vote to stay in the EU. We now know that they did so by a significant margin. The referendum was lost because they were more than offset by militant, nostalgic oldies (“pensionistas”). It must surely give the substantial segment of less committed Leave voters pause for thought on the future that – maybe unwittingly – they are foisting on their children and grandchildren. Brexit is recipe for inter-generational disharmony. You might like to know I am 74 and I'm doing this for my grandchildren!

Sean Conlin 19th April 2019

I’ve been impressed by your activities to get a People’s Vote and to oppose Brexit. You have mastered the arguments and in debate leave the opposition floundering. That’s why I’m supporting.

Carl Greatrex 19th April 2019

Proud of you young man. Top work. Thank you for being so persistent and ensuring there are polite and sensible arguement put forward. As a country we need more people like you. Tell your parents they should be very proud

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