Help Young People Stop Brexit

by Lara A Spirit in London, England, United Kingdom

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On 20th August 2019 we successfully raised £27,751 with 996 supporters in 28 days

OFOC is a group of young people trying to get a People's Vote. We're not going to let Boris Johnson force his awful Brexit on our future.

by Lara A Spirit in London, England, United Kingdom

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michael hennessy 10th August 2019

stopping Brexit is to protect the young but they need to help us OAPs in fighting it. in massive numbers. dont let your future go down the drain due to apathy

Helen Bright 10th August 2019

Boris Johnson is stripping us of our European citizenship, with all the rights and benefits and opportunities this confers, and giving us ....exactly what in return? Absolutely nothing. That’s right, Boris Johnson and his unrepresentative band of ancient Tory party members are pursuing a vanity project which not only delivers nothing, but actually takes away the few advantages left to young people after the older generation have already blighted their future with high rents, stifling levels of debt, insecure employment, and a reckless disregard for our environment. The fact that Johnson and co are not throwing any sweeteners at young people demonstrates a cynical calculation that they don’t count, and can be disregarded. Time to take back control of take back control! - of a future that young people have a right to expect and deserve.

Dave Cresswell 9th August 2019

I'm a couple of generations ahead of you but am 100 % behind anything that helps halt this madness. The more young voters that can be got on the electoral register the more chance we have!

Jane Wood 9th August 2019

I am old and disabled. I am s a very committed REMAINER Please remember not all of the old voted leave. Many of us voted REMAIN DON'T LET THE FASCISTS divide the generations You have the energy we have the cash GREENHAM women are everywhere

Sean Kennedy 3rd August 2019

You are doing a fantastic job Femi and the team - keep up the great work. Thanks for coming along Femi and supporting the Speak Out Challenge Grand Final back in July - more important than ever that young people speak out

Annette Shaw 1st August 2019

You are doing fantastic work. We must stop the PM forcing a cliff edge Brexit on us. I support your work. I am old and I also want to remain in the EU!

steve Harper 1st August 2019

Lord knows, I'm not a young person any more - but my sons are - and thank goodness their generation genuinely are not blighted by prejudice in the way that my generation and older appear to be. It's their future and they have the right to shape it for the common good and not be denied the freedoms that we have enjoyed, just to satisfy the angry disaffection of generations who should be old enough to know better.

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