Offset Burning Nest 2019

by Cara farrin in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

Offset Burning Nest 2019


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Offsetting the carbon footprint of the Burning Nest festival 2019

by Cara farrin in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

Hey nestlings! 

My partner Cara told me there was a big Facebook comment thread talking about how we can do more surrounding sustainability this year at Nest and I knew right away I could help.

I'm in the process of starting a company called Offset Earth which has the goal of making real and tangible action against climate change, accessible and effortless for everyone.

The main way we do this is through the purchase of carbon reductions (negative CO2) and tree planting.

I came up with a few possible example outcomes for us using this scheme at Nest:

In the Facebook thread someone calculated the total for everyones travel to nest this year to be 36 tonnes. With everything else included (generators for sound and lights, burning wood and the effigy) we reckon 200 tonnes (£100) would offset the whole festival by far. Any extra will allow us to put money into tree planting and more offsets.

If everyone attending the festival donated just 50p each (total £275,  it would allow us to buy over 450 tonnes of CO2 (enough to offset the festival AND over 200 return trips from London to Melbourne) plus plant 550 trees.

If everyone put just £2 in, we could buy 1000 tonnes (offsetting the festival and over 650 return flights to Aus!) plus plant 6000 trees!

Every penny we raise together will be spent on gold standard carbon credits and tree planting through our partners - Offset Earth won't make any money from this.

If you'd like to learn more about Offset Earth and be kept in the loop with our progression, please pop your email address in the box at and we'll plant an extra tree for every email!

If we reach over £1000 in pledges, I'll create a custom profile page for Burning Nest on Offset Earth to display the trees and carbon we've offset collectivity! 

Let's make 'Offset Burning Nest 2019' happen

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