Specialist Office Equipment

by Emmabeth in Malvern, England, United Kingdom

Specialist Office Equipment
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I need specialist office equipment due to my disabilities - as a self employed person AtW can only fund part of this - can you help?

by Emmabeth in Malvern, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Someday soon I will need an electric power chair to allow me to continue working with dogs outside. This will need to be self funded due to the local NHS trust rules on who can and cannot have a powerchair - I fall into the 'cannot have' because I cannot use one inside my home, simply because one will not fit. So thats the ultimate dream goal!

As a disabled person with chronic health problems, I am self employed as this means I can work around my phsyical issues.

Unfortunately it also means that whilst Access to Work will help me with funding the equipment I need, because I am self employed working from home part time, they can't fund the whole amount, only 3/7ths of the full amount.

I need a big chair with special arm rests, foot rests and leg rest, and a monitor arm to move the monitor closer to me - this will hopefully slow down the damage to my elbows, shoulders and back that is being incurred with my current set up.

My job both as a trainer/behaviour consultant, and an artist, means I spend a lot of time sitting - out and about I use a manual wheelchair which is unavoidably damaging my shoulders, elbows and wrists - indoors my office chair gets a hammering as I sit here writing reports, reviewing client videos and forms, conducting remote behaviour modification sessions and of course all the necessary admin and social media work.

Access to Work via RBLI assessed me 'in the workplace' which is my home and I quote here what they have suggested I need and the prices.

Opera Ergonomic chair - £998.40   Social & Domestic contribution - £570.51   Access to work to fund - £427.89   Foot rest-£100.80 Social & Domestic contribution - £57.60   Access to work to fund - £43.20
Comfort Padded leg rest - £102.20 Social & Domestic contribution - £58.40   Access to work to fund - £43.80 Easy view Monitor Arm-£120.00     Social & Domestic contribution - £68.57   Access to work to fund - £51.43   Total cost of all the items=£1321.40   Social & Domestic contribution - £755.09   Access to work to fund - £566.31

The 'social and domestic contribution' is the part I need to pay.

So I am asking for your help - what will you get in return? I really don't know  is the answer - I can list donators or their businesses on my facebook page and my dog training website. I can offer a free digital download of selected artworks (hi res PNG file that you can print out yourself) - if there is something I can do, let me know, we can talk ... I have a spare kidney I am not using much!


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