Off grid Solar Houseboat project

To adapt a livaboard house boat to run fully off grid completely solar powered. To aid other in living an envoronmental life style.

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This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 11:42am 6th November 2018

This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 11:42am 6th November 2018

A Little about me

As a typical musician, I am very keen on the idea of living as environmentally friendly as possible. With as minimum foot print, this is possible on water.

Before becoming a fulltime musician, I spent 25 years as an aeronautical engineer work on military helicopters. I gave this up after being made redundant in 2012. So I decided to follow a long lasting dream I've always had. Unfortunatly, this dream does pay quite the same. But I would give it up now..

Being a highly train engineer, I pretty much have the know how to build anything.

About the project

I would like to invest in a barge to convert fully to solar power, to have the least environmental impact as possible. This is a learn venture to help others acheave the same. As a society we should be constantly striving to reduce the negative affect we have on our environment. 

The project will start with an already existing Barge, Idealy a new build depending on budget. However, there are great many unused Barges in need of renovation. Once basic renovation has taken place, to adapt the drive train to Electric Motor. Including a Solar electric storage and Rectification to use 240v house hold electricals such a fridge, cooker, water system and heating. 

I intend to use this as demonstator as an avocate to green living.

What I'm offering

The purchase price of the initial boat is intended to be around £15,000. I will then be putting my own money into the project to convert the boat both the beautification of the boat and the environmentally green aspects of the boat. 

This is intended as a 3 year project plan. I will be converting the boat over the cause of the first year (As soon as possible). Then living in it. After that 3 year period I will be selling to the highest bidder. 

Therefore I am offering a percentage share in the boat as an investment with a pay back after the 3 year period. Typically a well refurbished boat will sell for around 30K.

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