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Odds Even empowers people to make an income from sports trading. It teaches strategy and skill to make money from a love of sports for free

We did it!

On 3rd Jan 2016 we successfully raised £400 with 3 supporters in 56 days

Who we are


Odds Even - www.odds-even.com -  is a platform that simply loves to empower people with the knowlede of how make money from their love of sports. 


Odds Even will disrupt the gaming industry by empowering people to learn how to trade sports and earn an income. Sports trading is completely different to betting. Want to know the difference? Check out:


What is sports trading


Almost everyone is interested in sports and has the base knowledge to learn how to successfully trade sports. We want to unleash your potential and teach you how to utalise this knowledge. 


We want to build a community to empower everyone to be able to create no-lose scenarios, by hedging bets and learning how to set specific odds on betting exchanges. 


Odds Even will offer a community forum on a social platform so that people can come together in one place and talk about how to come up with better strategies and ways of making money.


Odds Even is live and you can see it right now! Go to www.odds-even.com and check it out. 


The business model


As people join and they start sports trading themselves, they have to open an account with a betting exchange. The business makes money through affiliation and revenue share with those betting exchanges.


Revenue affiliation is nothing new and betting companies pay hundreds of thousands in affiliation costs per month.


Most betting companies pay over £150,000 - £200,000 per month to affiliate companies and there are lots of betting companies out there. 


As Odds even users sports trade, they will gain access to more advanced content and become a VIP member. For those that do not want to gain access to the content via this method, there will be a subscription option as well. 


So if you are looking for more of a return on your investment, then there is opportunity for that as well. 


What is truly great about this model, is that we are only successfull if our users and customers are successfull. If our users don't make money, then they will stop trading and we stop making money. And so we have a pure interest to make sure that we continue investing into the community, in terms of lessons and learning content, to make sure that our users are successful. 


Also, people learn more the more they interact with others. That's why we are building a communty and not just a sports trading school - the two go hand in hand!


We have the platform and have laboured over the idea to make sure that there is somewhere for Odds Even community members to go straight away - right now, as well as having the base lessons to get people started. 


What we need funding for


However, to really get it off the ground, we now need funding for:


  • Marketing  -  let people know it's there and empower as many people as possible
  • Creating more content in the form of lessons, news and videos
  • Improving the UX and design and make everything look prettier
  • Hire new cool people, with sharp skills, to help us grow into the best sports community in the world


Eventually, Odds Even will offer a points system and premium memberships based on activity, encouraging people to come back. Based on your status, you can get access to strategies, bonuses and other benefits.


What we offer


For helping us get going, we are offering a whole host of rewards. We want you to be part of the community straight away and promote a friendly and helpful atmosphere, encourage others to come along and get invovled.


We are offering everything from VIP membership access, exclusive t-shirts, caps and hoodies...





...to shares and opportunities to become integral in the business stragtegy. We want you to become involved from the beginning. So even if you don't want to fund any money, we still want you to be part of it, because every member of a community makes it stronger. So you have the opportunity to be involved as little or as much as you like. 


Rewards inlude the following:

Membership and exclusive access to the community VIP area

  • VIP membership access
  • Odds Even T-shirt
  • Odds Even Cap
  • Odds Even Hoodie
  • Early investors recognition on the early investors page
  • Full dedicated page, exclusively for you, complete with photo (optional) and bio
  • Free advertisment
  • Shares and further investment opportunity
  • Consultation and time with the founder


If you want to be involved in the business side, then you have the opportunity to do that as well. 


Thankyou for beleiveing in the project and we hope look forward to empwering people with your help!





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