Cleaner coasts

The aim of the project is to buy a small fishing type boat and to travel along the coastline removing any plastics from the coast.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We are trying to help clean up our coastline of the plastics caused by waste being left on the beaches of Devon and Cornwall and then being washed into the oceans around us causing untold damage to the local environment and sea life . 

If we can collect £5.000 we can buy the boat and reconfigure it to be used for waste collection and hopefully make a small difference. 

All items taken from the coast that can be recycled will be and anything that can't we will endeavour to reuse or re-purpose.


Plastic is accumulating in the world’s oceans at a staggering rate. An estimated eight million tons of plastic – the equivalent of over 26,600 Boeing 747 planes – are swept into our seas and oceans every single year, mainly via rivers and coastal urban centres, through, for example, uncaptured waste, sewage systems, road run-off and littering.

This pollution problem is so ubiquitous that plastic can be found throughout the marine environment – from coastlines and nearshore lagoons to remote ocean hotspots where plastics, caught up in ocean currents, are gathered up into huge ‘garbage patches’ that swirl on the ocean surface and many metres below. Plastics are even found in polar ice.

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