OCEAN CITY PFC-Plymouth's Powerchair Football Club

Ocean City PFC Plymouth's Powerchair Football Club was founded in 2014 by a player of the sport.  We are a non profit organistation....

We did it!

On 22nd Apr 2016 we successfully raised £5,010 of £5,000 target with 32 supporters in 28 days

Ocean City PFC Plymouth's Powerchair Football Club was founded in 2014 by a player of the sport.  We are a non profit organisation, run by players and carers whom all volunteer their time on the committee, during training and at fundraisers.  

Powerchair football is a sport played by people with a physical disability. It gives players the chance to experience the competitive sport in a sports powerchair at a local and regional level. The sport is played in specialised sports chairs with striker bumpers.  We can also supply striker bumpers to players to use on their own powerchairs.

Any age from 5+ years old can take part, male or female. We invite anyone with a physical disability as long as they can control a powerchair safely.

We promote independence, fun and postivity.  



Our Club

Ocean City PFC has grown rapidly over the last two years and we now have 18 members that come from as far as Weston Super Mare to Liskeard to play for our club.  The majority of players are from the Plymouth area.  Our youngest player is just 6 years old.

We have also recently joined the new South West Regional League where teams from all over the South West join together for a day of matches over six dates.  We have two teams entered into the league and both are progressing well.

Why Do We Run This Club

Ocean City is based in an area where 63,834 people in Devon are affected by long term health conditions or disabilities.   Parents with children with disabilities are often faced with barriers and lack of opportunities.  There are 11 million disabled people in the UK and only two in ten are active.  Our mission is to improve health, skills and wellbeing. Long term quality of life.  To offer training and personal development opportunities.  To improve social inclusion for players/carers and families. To build confidence. To provide fun and relaxed environment.  To provide opportunities in competitive play.


The future of Ocean City PFC

To enable our club to grow further and to be able to accept more members we require some more sports powerchairs. These cost in the region of £4300 each, we currently have four but would really need another three. We currently have three players sharing one chair which is not ideal for training or at match days.  The striker bumpers cost £395 each. As we play in the regionals it is necessary for us to transport chairs to the venue which next season mean some dates in Cheltenham.  These chairs are different from your average powerchair because they have cooling motors and have a faster acceleration.  They also have harnesses to hold players in their chairs safely.



The Rules of the Game

Welcome to your Powerchair Football masterclass! A team can consist of up to 8 players.  Only four players are allowed on the pitch at one time, one must be the goalkeeper.  A match is 40 minutes long.  The football measures 33 cm in diameter.  Tackling is only allowed using bumper contact. If any other part of the wheelchair is used a foul or free kick in will be awarded. Tackling can only take place between two opposing players.  If a second defender becomes involved a free kick in will be awarded.  If the ball leaves the field of play a push in or corner or goal kick will be awarded.



Our Community

Pedro da Silva Marjons Volunteer 2015 - "Working with OCPFC is a unique feeling of achievement. Being able to assist others in finding joy in life through sport is an amazing opportunity for all involved".

Mandy Clarke Player from Plymouth - "Gives me a buzz playing powerchair football".

Claire Parker Player from Plymouth - "Very proud to be a part of the club and playing at Ocean City PFC.  Enjoy training and being a part of a team".

Amy Lee-Julian Player from Liskeard, Cornwall - "Training is very important because it helps develop and improve your skills with dribbling, passing, shooting and spin kicks.  It helps your confidence to be focused and determined to work together and do your best for the team.  Its a fast and exciting game to be a part of to have the chance to compete and succeed in a sport together.  I have loved having my own powerchair and getting used to how the chair moves, to see what it can do.  Playing powerchair football is the best thing I have ever done I really enjoy playing with everyone and getting to know people on the team.  Playing in the regionals is amazing and a great experience to play against different teams to put all of our training to the test and learn how to improve by playing against others".

Annette Lee-Julian Player from Liskeard - " Playing powerchair football with Ocean City PFC is fantastic cause it gives you a chance to compete in a sport no matter what disability you have".


Our Sponsors and Mentors


Ashley Harris Disability Football Development Officer, Devon FA - "Powerchair Football is a fantastic sport and Ocean City PFC have led the way in forming the only Powerchair Football Club in Plymouth and helping to form the South West Powerchair Football League.  Help Ocean City PFC reach the Crowdfunding target to support players with physical disabilities to participate in football and help the club purchase a Sports Powerchair and a striker bumper."

Adam McEvoy WFA South West Development Officer - " Ocean City PFC are a club making great strides despite being established less than two years ago.  They have provided many disabled people from across Devon and Cornwall the chance to play a competitive sport, make new friends and socialise with their peers.  We are sure they will continue to go from strength to strength, providing an outlet for the disabled community."

Rebecca and Paul Goodbrand PB Transportation Removals - " I first became aware of Ocean City last June after having the priviledge of watching them training.  The teams were outstanding, their enthusiasm and commitment were to to be admired. Helen does a fantastic job as the coach, and over the last few months I have watched players join from further afield and of younger age.  Helen gives them an opportunity to play a sport many of us take for granted.  We chose to sponsor Ocean City as the team touched our hearts, the skill and enthusiasm each team member holds and plays with is just amazing.  A team such as this deserve as much support as they can gather.  We are very proud to transport the chairs to regional competitions and help when required."


If you also believe that Ocean City PFC is an important asset to the community in Plymouth, please join us in making this project a success!

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