Occupy - 4 minute film

The money raised for "Occupy" will go towards paid actors and a more professional look for the film overall.

We did it!

On 24th Apr 2017 we successfully raised £205 with 12 supporters in 35 days

"Occupy" is a 4 minute short film and a project we're highly invested in (and hopefully you will be too!). 

Our crew consists of 4 members. Each member dedicated to bring the best of his skill to the film:

Written and directed by - Ewan Koch

Director of cinematogrpahy - Alex Atkinson

Sound designer - Jude Lilley 

Editor - Simon Dawson

The film follows the interrogation of Oscar Jessop. He's been detained by the police for an unknown crime and the entirety of the film takes place in an interview room. It is in the interrogation room that oscar reveals a separation within himself, between his conscious and unconscious states of mind. Conflicted and alone, our protagonist reveals the twist that turns in both the story and his inner self. 

We aim to make this film unique through experimental cinematography and binaural audio with the desire to immerse the viewer in a psychonanalytical approach to the british crime thriller. We want the audience to feel like the film is quite literally taking place in their minds and that all the senses that are experienced by Oscar in the film are experienced by the audience too.

As for why we're asking for donations, making films cost money and the reality is we don't have any! We need to raise enough to pay, feed and transport our actors for the duration of the shoot. Our aim is to create a film which asks questions; questions of plot, characters and moral understanding of the individual. 

With the right amount of money, we can bring authenticity and professionalism to this short film. 

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