by Bruce Partleton in Canterbury, England, United Kingdom

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Our aim with this project is to bring Occupied to life as a full feature film.

by Bruce Partleton in Canterbury, England, United Kingdom

Occupied is a project that originally started as a short film but was such a passion project for everyone involved that it has been developed into a full length feature as it felt like the character’s stories were incomplete.

Occupied is set during World War 2 in Nazi occupied Jersey in the Channel Islands. But even though it takes place during the war, this is really just the backdrop for the characters involved as the story is about their relationships and how being on opposing sides of a war affects their lives when they have to live amongst each other. Love and hate are intermingled, almost a Shakespearian tragedy in war time.  

This is a story that explores the relationships between people on both sides of the conflict. Two German brothers are put to the test when the eldest’s affection for a local English girl, Elena, brings them into opposition.  Elena’s relationship with her own brother is equally challenged as he attempts to participate in the secret rebellion against the Germans. But all is not what is seems and secrets will lead everyone down a path to tragedy.

This film will be an exploration of those that were forced to live together harmoniously with the very people trying to conquer them. Many of the moments are inspired by real-life accounts from those who lived through the occupation. We will be filming at various locations throughout Kent as the countryside and coast has the perfect visuals. Local historic sites will be utilised to create our WW2 setting and we are using a cast and crew of local, independent professionals.

Occupied will be an ensemble piece that shows a young woman surrounded by men. Men who demand things of her or expect her to fall in line. A combination of jealousy, ego and secrets leads to tragedy. 

We are seeking funding to enable us to bring this story to life with 1940s historical accuracy and build a world that will draw the audience in. In a period piece, world building is vital and we are looking to source props and costumes to give our characters and locations authenticity.  

The funding will also go towards film equipment, such as lighting and lenses. Much of the film is set at night or inside by candlelight, which makes suitable film lighting and camera equipment essential. 

And finally, funding will be used to pay for cast expenses, such as food and travel, as well as venue fees for locations. Many of our actors and crew were unable to work during the pandemic and it is important to be able to support the hard work they will be contributing to the project. 

Our ultimate goal is to make an amazing film. We want this project to be something everyone involved can be proud of. We want to show that you can make a full length, period piece, feature film on a minimal budget by using talent, skill and ingenuity. 

 We hope that you support our project and help us make our goal a reality. 


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