OBJECTIFIED - a short film about homelessness

by animalprint films in London, England, United Kingdom

OBJECTIFIED - a short film about homelessness
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OBJECTIFIED is a short documentary that challenges mainstream perceptions and explores new ways of telling stories about homelessness.

by animalprint films in London, England, United Kingdom

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In the last 10 years, research has revealed how dehumanised perception occurs in relation to homeless people. It is known as the ‘bystander effect.’ Part of what encourages the bystander effect is the way we talk about homelessness.


Conversations in the media and in charity campaigns tend to focus on the individual, placing them at the centre of a narrative of salvation, despair, or stigma. This ignores the fact that homelessness is a systematised problem.


There’s one very simple way of challenging the ‘bystander effect’, and that’s by finding new ways of having conversations about homelessness. 

This documentary will dramatise stories, conversations and research around homelessness, exploring how they can change the way dehumanisation operates in society.



It will be split into 3 different sections, filmed across 3 connected studio sets, and will last 10-12 mins.                       

Scenes include a verbatim monologue about one individual’s experience of homelessness told through the story of a significant object in the person's life; a group conversation between people with experience of homelessness about how they frame their experience to de-stigmatise narratives; and finally, a neuroscientist’s research into how dehumanisation works in relation to homeless people.




We’re partnering with Museum of Homelessness to make this film. Driven by lived experience of homelessness, MoH collects and shares the art, histories and culture of homelessness to change society for the better. MoH collects everyday objects - and their stories - which shine a light on what's happening in homeless people's lives. The Core Group runs and develops MoH, ensuring that experience of the issues is central to their work.     

The film will also feature Dr. Lasana Harris, a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Experimental Psychology at UCL who has done extensive research into social cognition, dehumanisation and anthropomorphism.


Director - Dorothy Allen-Pickard (Scroll down to watch her previous short film THE MESS... It's amazing!) 

Producers - Ruth Sweeney & Alice Whittemore

Director of Photography: Jonathan Haldon

Gaffer: Leon Frind

Production Designer - Marianne Auvinet-Gould

Researcher - Dr. Lasana Harris

Museum of Homelessness Core Group: Jessica Turtle, Matt Turtle, Lainie, Katie Langford, David Tovey

Artistic Associates - Sherrie Cameron Akoto, Tony McBride

Click below to check out THE MESS, a film that offers a subjective, sensory insight into the highs and lows of bipolar disorder.

The film won Best UK Short at Open City Documentary Festival 2018 and is a brilliant indicator of director Dorothy's style and visual ambitions for this project...


Initially the film will be screened at the Museum of Homelessness exhibition 'Objectified' at Manchester Art Gallery from 10-14 October 2018, which is funded by the Wellcome Trust and delivered in partnership with Thoughtworks, Mustard Tree, H3 – Helping the Homeless into Housing and Groundswell.

We hope that after that the film will be far-reaching via film festivals and online platforms. In order for this film to make a difference, and challenge the mainstream perceptions and stigmas surrounding homelessness, it needs to be seen by as many people as possible!



In order to make the film as impactful as it can possibly be, pay the crew a fair wage, secure a location and build an awesome set (see designs below) we are seeking some additional funds.

Homelessness is an increasingly prevalent and urgent social issue, and we hope this film will encourage meaningful conversations around the subject in order to bring about change. 

Please help us by donating what you can towards the project - every little helps and we think that creating a community around the film can only make it stronger and spread the message further. 


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